Missouri Western’s Women's basketball team ended their losing streak by beating Missouri Southern 78-54.  What started out as a very close game turned into a wipeout as the Griffons swept Missouri Southern with their outstanding defensive and offensive game.  Some key players that were key in taking the win were freshman Mary Fultz, sophomore Logan Hughes and sophomore Brionna Budgetts.  These young ladies brought the heat and held Missouri Southern to a 24 point loss.  

Coach Whitaker describes the win as awesome.  

“It was awesome to see them win,” Whitaker said.  “As the year has gone on they have gotten better and better as far as playing together inside and out.  We just haven't always seen it in games.  I thought we shared the ball really well and played hard.”

Hughes and Budgetts had 14 points a piece and Fultz not far behind with 13 points led their team to an exciting victory.  Fultz also carried her team with eight rebounds that night and not far behind her was teammate Mychaell Gray, who had six rebounds.  

Mary Fultz made a comment on the win.

“It feels so good to ring the bell.  This whole season has been tough, but we have put in so much work and so much time.  It’s so fun to see it all finally coming together with little steps each game.  It was great to see everyone come together and play well with high energy.”

Budgetts also said that playing in the middle of a pandemic has been hard on the team as well as herself.  She continues to say that what excites her the most is that they never gave on themselves.  Mary Fultz added on that confidence was a key factor to them feeling comfortable on the court.  Overall, the winning streak seems to have continued for the Griffons and have a lot of exciting games to come.  

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