Aly Viselli receives pendant

Aly Viselli shows off her Super Bowl pendant. This was Viselli’s third year of being a Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader, and she was able to cheer them on at Super Bowl LIV in Miami, Florida.

At just the age of four, Viselli began dancing. The next step in her career was joining the Central High School Pom Squad. Then, in February of 2020 she had the opportunity to cheer as the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers claiming the Super Bowl 2020 title. 

 A current junior, Aly Viselli has been cheering for the Chiefs for three years while attending school here at Missouri Western. On Sept. 2 of this year, Viselli received her Super Bowl pendant for cheering with the Kansas City Chiefs.

“Cheering at the Super Bowl was another experience that was so surreal,” said Viselli.

The cheerleaders were able to head to Miami seven days before the Super Bowl, and Viselli was able to engage in a variety of activities with several of her teammates.

“I got to perform on Fox & Friends, while my other friends were on Good Morning America at the same time,” said Viseli.

These appearances lasted up until the Super Bowl leaving the ladies exhausted.

After a little over half a year later it was finally time to receive their keepsakes for working so hard and winning the Super Bowl. 

“Due to COVID, we had a ‘drive-thru’ event where we were presented with our pendants, I remember my coach (Coach Stephanie) saying, 'On behalf of the Hunt Family, I would like to present you with your Super Bowl pendant. Congrats champion,'” said Viselli.

Cheering at the Super Bowl was an experience that will forever be in her heart. That was a moment that Viselli will never forget. 

Viselli had several major responsibilities being a representative for an organization such as the Chiefs.

 “We are in the public eye a lot, so we are basically ambassadors for them,” Viselli said.

They receive communication training so that at any moment they are prepared for any interviews that may come up. Viselli’s favorite part of being a Chiefs cheerleader is their Junior Chiefs cheerleading program where she invests her time and talent into the community. 

“We do appearances where we go out in the community and try to put a smile on people's faces,” Viselli said.

Her team also had responsibilities of being up to date with football, annually having to take tests and also keeping up with fitness, dancing and technique skills. 

“We are dancing for four hours straight at a game, so it is important to keep up on our fitness as well,” Viselli said.

Overall, Viselli's job is to keep the fans happy and smiling. 

Though most days were smiles, she did have days where she was discouraged.

“There are always times where you have better days than others and that is the case with Chiefs cheerleading as well,” said Viselli.

But with the support and uplifting of her teammates she was able to get through. Days when one is down, the rest of the team strengthens the other and helps uplift. After all of the hard work and dedication it finally paid off. 

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