Luke Horseman

Luke Horseman is a redshirt senior on the men's golf team.

COVID-19 affected many people’s lives, especially athletes who played sports in the spring.

After COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, many spring sports seasons were canceled such as baseball, track and field, softball, golf and tennis.

This was a shock for the fourth year seniors who were in their last year of eligibility. All hope seemed lost for them until the NCAA granted all seniors another year of eligibility to return.The decision to give the seniors an extra year was left to the schools because of financial reasons.

Eric Kramer, the associate athletic director, explained the part he played in helping the seniors with their extra year of eligibility. 

“We talked to the student-athletes and provided the guidance that the NCAA gave us,” Kramer said. “We felt, as an institution, that it was important, given the circumstances, to provide that opportunity for those student-athletes.”

Missouri Western was one of the many schools that granted its seniors another year of eligibility while letting the student-athletes retain their scholarship. seven out of 20 seniors decided to take advantage of the NCAA’s eligibility deal and come back for another year. 

One senior that decided to take advantage of the deal was Luke Horseman, who plays on the men’s golf team. While Luke has been a Griffon he has won an intercollegiate golf tournament in his junior year and the KC AM last summer.  

Horseman was stunned after the cancellation of his season.

“Initially it was a numb feeling, I didn’t understand,” Horseman said.

 It was hard for many athletes that played in the spring to cope with their seasons being canceled, but it was out of their control.

Horseman didn't hesitate about coming back for another extra year.

“I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do right out of college. When they gave me an extra year of eligibility, and I got my scholarship back, it was kind of a no-brainer to go back for one more year,” Horseman said. 

 Men’s golf is set to start back up in the spring.

“I’m glad that I came back and I definitely wouldn’t change it for anything. I think I made the right decision.” Horseman said.


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