Although the softball team did not have the luxury of having game-like scrimmages against different schools around the area this fall, they were still fortunate enough to be able to compete against themselves. Head coach Jennifer Trotter was glad that they were able to have some sort of competition.

“All of our coaches struggle since COVID is trying to create competitive situations for our teams,” Trotter said. “The competitive juices definitely got flowing, it got a little sassy at times—normally I get irritated by that—but I think they enjoyed getting to do that.” 

The world series consisted of a couple of games in which the girls had to complete one task as a team to move onto the next, and the team that finished all of the tasks, such as completing a bunt, won. This world series also included a couple of head-to-head scrimmages. Brea Blanton felt as though this year's world series was a blast from the past.

“It was kind of like a kickball game in middle school where you were standing out in the field and a team picks you,” Blanton said. “It is kind of like the glory days. You are hoping you are not the last one chosen.” 

The two team captains from each team picked their squad just like the “glory days” at recess. Sydni Hawkins was one of these captains.

“Emma (Hoffart) and I were team captains,” Hawkins said. “We drafted our teams and then we scrimmaged on Tuesday and Friday and then had little games on Wednesday and Thursday.”

The competition was good for the softball team.

“It was exciting to even be in game situations,” Hawkins said. “Especially since we haven't since March. It was really good for us and I think we all enjoyed it.” 

Blanton also thought the competition was exciting.

“It was nice seeing live pitching for once and actually having a game-like situation,” Blanton said. “We got deprived of it, so it was nice to have a competitive edge again.”

Missouri Western Softball will start their season off in the spring of 2021 at home against Northwest Missouri State on March 12. The softball team is set to play 13 games in the spring.

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