Men's basketball win over MSSU

Both Tyus Millhollin and Tyrell Carroll scored over 20 points against the Lions of Missouri Southern.

With the men’s basketball team stating that they’re going to protect Looney at all costs, the boys have done just that during the Pittsburg State and Missouri Southern State games here at Missouri Western.

The Griffons went against Pitt State on Thursday, Feb. 20 and won with a huge lead, 94-76 at the Looney Complex. 

The Griffons were able to keep a huge lead the first and second half of the game. Though the first half for the Griffons was a bit of a complication and quite stretch, they didn’t want to give up.

Once the second half came to a start, the Griffons fought to the end and were able to bring a win at the Looney Complex after the loss against Missouri Southern in Joplin, Missouri. 

Saturday, Feb. 22 the Griffons were scheduled to play the Lions at the Looney Complex to see what they were capable of doing at their home territory. 

During the first half, the Griffons stayed calm and went smoothly for them with 10 players scoring. With the first half ending with a score of 34-31 with the Griffons in the lead. 

The second half then begins and things start to take a big turn. The Lions begin to make a comeback and continuous fouls were made from the Griffons, with the Lions are then using to their advantage to win the game. 

The Griffons begin to adjust after the results of the outcome due to the nonstop fouls and soon the tables turned and the Griffons are using fouls from the Lions to their advantage. 

With seven minutes left of the game, both teams continuously tie the game back and forth. With the clock ticking down to it’s last minute, the Griffons didn’t want to lose a fight at home with such a close game. 

Two minutes left of the game, free throw opportunities are then made for the Griffons, and they mostly took it to their advantage.

Junior Tony Chukwuemeke made all four free throws during the duration of the last two minutes leading to the Griffons redemption victory against the Lions.

With three seconds left on the clock, senior Tyus Millhollin made a 3-pointer, ending the game with not only a score of 89-85, but with the Griffons fans and sports teams rushing the court to celebrate a victory that everyone was waiting for. 

 With the Griffons outcome of their game against the Lions, they’re happier than ever with the results and what they were able to show to the fans on the court against such a team as the Lions. 

“I’m like the happiest I’ve ever been in my whole life. To beat a ranked team in Division II is just a blessing come true,” Millhollin said.

With Chukwuemeke’s four free throws made two minutes left of the game, Millhollin is very pleased with Chukwuemeke’s performance during the game.

“For him to knock down four of those free throws? That’s one of the biggest things that’s happened here. It’s probably school history,” Millhollin said. 

Coach Sundance Wicks is as well proud of his team with the amount of effort put into their comeback game against Missouri Southern. From the outcome, Wicks sees that the men's mission is bigger than just basketball. 

With the Griffons next game against the Bearcats, their strategy is to just go through with it and trust themselves for the outcome and play until their heart's content . 

“Let’s just throw everything out the window, let’s just bring our hard hat and lunch pails, let’s line up across from each other, drop the cage over the court and go play some basketball,” Wicks said. 

With the Griffons to not only win a game against the Lions, the Griffons are happier with the amount of support from their university and the amount of work put in to a game that was an important game is something that they will always treasure. 

Missouri Western State is scheduled to play against rival Northwest Missouri on State on Tuesday at 7:30pm at the Looney Complex. The second to last game to put the Griffons closer and closer to the MIAA Championship game.

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