Tyus Millhollin three-point record

Senior Tyus Millhollin needed only one 3-pointer to do it, but he ended the game with five in the Griffons 94-76 win over the Gorillas. 

Millhollin now holds the record for most 3-pointers made in a single season.

The Griffons in the first half had quite a close game with the score being 40-31 at the end of the first half. Second half, the Griffons kept fighting until the end, turning the game over to a win. 

The win being one of the biggest and most exciting games at the Looney Complex, but senior Tyus Millhollin broke the record in for most 3-pointers in a season with 84, making the overall feeling of tonight’s win even more ecstatic and a night to remember. With Millhollin’s record, he doesn’t want to stop there and plans to make even more three-pointers at the next three games here at Missouri Western and continuing to do so at the MIAA Championship game. 

With this season being Millhollin’s last season and year at Missouri Western, making and breaking this record wasn’t anything he had in mind coming back into the season this year. 

“You never think about that, you always have it in the back of your mind as a player you’re like, ‘I’m a shooter, so I want to make threes,’ but I mean I never thought I’d break the record and I did,” Millhollin said. “So it’s kudos to my teammates for finding me in the right spots and me being in the gym my whole life to be able to knock it down.” 

With Millhollin’s 2018-2019 season, his 3-point count being 61 and attempted being 178. This season, he's hit 84 and has attempted 218. 

Though the home game win against the Gorillas was an exciting victory, there were mistakes made during the game being the lack of rebounds and defending without fouling and sending the opposing team to the free throw line. 

Head coach Sundance Wicks is a bit disappointed with the Griffons' performance in the beginning, but he did see the Griffons bounce back after the first half of the game and show what they can really do. 

“You’re playing at home, guys play with high level confidence, shot the ball really well tonight, which you’ve got to to win games. You’ve got to shoot the ball well,” Wicks said. “Second half was just a much better effort from our guys all the way around.” 

With tonight’s win, the Griffons and Wicks plan to make each of the three remaining games as pointers to their next mission. Win or lose, the team has been able to locate their confidence and the mistakes that have been made and plan to take them with them to the MIAA Championship game.

“We didn’t make the conference tournament last year so, we’re going to go down there and we’re going to give it all we’ve got,” Wicks said. “I’m just proud of our guys. They’ve earned the right to play in the third season, which is the postseason. There’s a non-conference, there’s the conference and the postseason, so they’ve earned the right to play in the postseason and for that, all we can do is be proud of what we’ve done.”

The Griffons are getting real close to not only the end of the season, but a championship game that will put their abilities and tactics learned and changed for the benefit, to the test. 

“But we can’t rest on it. We can’t be too excited for what we’ve done in the past,” Wicks said. “We’ve got to continue to grow and move forward and give our best shot down in Kansas City.” 

This Saturday, The Griffons are scheduled to battle the Lions at Looney. This Saturday not only do the Griffons have a chance to make a comeback for last week's loss against the Lions, but Millhollin has the biggest opportunity to extend his 3-point record to a major extent.

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