Men's basketball - Merwin

The men's basketball team was lead by Tyrell Carrol, a team leader on and off the court. 

The Missouri Western men’s basketball team showed non-stop progress and posted the most wins throughout the 2019-20 season since the 2000-01 through 2002-03 seasons.

With the start of the season, the Griffons had their first four games scheduled at the Civic Arena in St. Joseph, MO. The first two games resulted in losses, while the third game was a win, and the fourth another loss. 

Once the Griffons got back to the place they call home, the Looney Complex, it was there calling to show their family what they were capable of at home. 

The first home game against Missouri S&T with a close game with the final score of 66-64 with both teams going overtime after the second half of the game. With a tied game, 64-64 and 21 seconds left on the clock, times ticking until one second left on the clock, sophomore Tyrell Carroll made the final shot beating the buzzer and turning the nail-biting home game into a victorious win. 

After their first home game, Missouri Western had another home game, this time against Nebraska Christian College. Against the Sentinels, the Griffons dominantly won against the opposing team with a final score of 101-34. 

Afterwards, the Griffons had six away games after their previous home game. With all five out of the six away games turning into losses and one being a win for the Griffons.

The months of November and December for Missouri Western was filled with disappointment from their actions and lack of abilities. The year of 2020 for them then made a turn for the team in the long run where even the team was shocked. 

The Griffons first two games in the new year taking place at the Looney Complex  were a breeze for them, with the first game against Rogers State University with the final score of 79-67 and second game against Northeastern State University with a final score of 76-71 with the addition of overtime. The next two games after the previous home games being away resulted in four losses, but that didn’t stop the Griffons from continuing to make a change for the good of their team and their home. 

Missouri Western bounced back and maintained back-to-back wins resulting in a seven-game winning streak, games being home and away. An accomplishment that was in the back of their heads, they were proud of the progress they made from the beginning of the season and wanted to keep it going until the end of the season.

One game in particular taking place at the Looney Complex on Feb. 29 is a game that the team will never forget, especially for senior Tyus Millhollin. The Griffons beat Washburn Ichabody with the score of 94-80 on senior night. Millhollin broke the 3-pointer in a season record with 96 and hit 10 threes in the game, another school record. 

Millhollin also scored a career-high 34 points. 

Missouri Western was now in Kansas City at the Municipal Auditorium to play Washburn University once again, this time being the first game of the MIAA Championships. With the first game being a close game, but ending with a 72-70 win, they were then scheduled to play rival team Northwest Missouri State. 

With their second game during the MIAA Championships, the Griffons didn’t picture this game being their last of the season. With a hard fight, Missouri Western lost against Northwest with the final score of 80-54. This was the last time the majority of the team was going to play together again. 

With the overall 2019-20 season, Missouri Western didn’t fail to disappoint. The Griffons surrendered fewer than close to 80 points per game overall with a 78.9 per game and having two overall winning streaks the whole season. 

During the span of the season, a handful of players such as Millhollin, junior, Tony Chukwuemeke, sophomore Tyree Martin and many many more received an endless amount of perception from fellow opponents, teammates and former Griffons for their unforgettable maneuver. 

The 2019-2020 season for the men’s basketball team, head coach Sundance Wicks, and Missouri Western State University will be something that will always be cherished, remembered, and viewed as historical day by day. 

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