Missouri Western is in the search for a new assistant volleyball coach and a head athletic trainer.

After three years with the team, assistant coach Kelci Yex parted ways with Griffon Volleyball this fall after their 45 days of practice. Yex left Missouri Western this year to be closer with family. Head coach Marian Carbin is grateful for all that Yex had brought to the team.

“Kelci was a great coach,” Carbin said. “She was a great mentor for them and a great support system for them.”

Being the only coach from now until a new assistant coach is hired, Carbin has been doing her best to get time with the whole team.

“It’s challenging,” Carbin said. “We’ve got a roster of 18 players and only one set of eyes right now. We have done some positional group stuff where we have kept the numbers a little bit smaller so that they can get a little more one on one time.”

The recruitment process for the new coach has been different but is still going smooth.

“We started out with some phone interviews,” Carbin said. “Then we went to some Zoom interviews, and over the last week and a half we have had some candidates on campus.”

Sophomore Carlie Burantt is pleased with the potential candidates.

“They were brought in for a tour around campus and we spent the day with them,” Burantt said. “Then they led us in practice for about an hour.”

There were three potential assistant coaches that were brought in for this experience with the Griffons.

“I really enjoyed all of them,” Burantt said. “I think that our team is leaning towards one they liked the most, but I think all of them would be a great addition to our team.”

Carbin is hopeful about the possibility of having a new addition as early as this week.

“I think we’re getting really close to being able to make an announcement,” Carbin said. “I am hopeful sometime next week, but we will see.”

Head athletic trainer Blaise Kriley left the Missouri Western training staff after five years with the program. The staff has done a good job at accommodating the loss.

“The athletic department has appointed a lot of good AT’s,” Burantt said. “Blaine (Wessel) is the interim head trainer, and I think what they are doing right now is a pretty good substitute for it.”

The athletic department will continue its search for a new head trainer in the coming weeks.

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