Reese Glover - Chase Merwin

Reese has been a top-five scorer this entire season for the Griffons, in just his freshman year.

In the preseason, head coach Sundance Wicks said that this team would need to mature if they wanted to perform well, and freshman Reese Glover has done just that. 

“We knew that the younger guys would have to grow, and no one ever stops growing but Reese has done great,” Wicks said. “He scored 2,500 points in high school and he was hitting seven-eight-nine threes a game, you know the tougher ones are probably easier for him.” 

Glover has only started in two games this season, but has played in 26 of the 29 games this season and has the fifth most minutes-per-game.

He’s made every minute count.

Glover’s shot a 44 field-goal percentage and is one of four men to attempt more than 200 shots this season. Where he really shines is beyond the arc. He currently leads the team in 3-point percentage with 43%. Glover is almost as good beyond the arc as he is in the paint. With all of this, he has planted himself fourth on the team in points with 276.

Wicks saw what Glover could do, but wanted to see how he’d transition to college ball.

“You can never predict how quickly a freshman is gonna pick it up,” Wicks said. “Everyone’s different, they have their own comfort zones they have to break through.”

One of the main comfort zones that Glover needed to break out of was the defensive switch to man-to-man.

“We played mostly zone in high school so coming here with coach Sundance playing man was a big transition,” Glover said. “It was hard to get that at first, and I’m still learning but that was one of the harder transitions I’ve made this year.”

Glover is one of the two freshman with, on average, over 19 minutes per game, the other being JaRon Thames

Another place that Glover has shone this year, is on his sheer volume of threes that he unloads. When he’s on fire, he’s on fire, and it’s shown in games like Central Missouri, on Feb. 8, where he made eight 3-pointers. Against Avila on Dec. 31, he hit six. In the last five games he’s played in, he’s only had one game with less than four 3-pointers. 

With all of this success, it is fair to point out that Glover has had three games in which he had five or more attempted threes, and missed all of them. But in this case, Wicks thinks that the good outweighs the bad. 

“He’ll have his days where he’s focused in and he can’t miss, you know,” Wicks said. “I don’t like seeing Reese smile on the court, because that means he isn’t focused. When he’s not smiling, he’s focused, he’s ready and that’s the best Reese.”

Glover is a freshman here at Missouri Western, and came here because assistant coach Will Martin is from Franklin, Tennessee, just like Glover. 

“He coached a team I played for in Tennessee, and he told me to come up and take a visit,” Glover said. “I met Sundance Wicks, and he’s just a great guy, the whole staff is great, and that’s what I fell in love with.”

In only his freshman year, Glover has made a big impact on this Griffons basketball team, and with Tyus Millhollin being a senior, his role may increase in the future.

“Tyus has been great to me, he’s been a good mentor and a good friend,” Glover said. “He’s taken me under his wing and showed me the ropes, get open easier, harder cuts, stuff like that.” 

To end the year, the Griffons will look to the future for the MIAA Tournament that starts on March 4.

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