Mireia Birosta - John Ellis

Mireia Birosta won both a singles and a doubles this last weekend, helping the Griffons get two more wins.

The Missouri Western women’s tennis team gets back on track after its loss against Southwest Baptist University and pushed for a win against Maryville University on Feb. 29. 

The team earned a 4-3 win against Maryville University at home at the Noyes Tennis Center Saturday evening. 

With it being a close match, the Griffons had a hard time during doubles. Only the first two doubles matches were close, but neither swung in the Griffons' favor. 

With Karolina Strom and Ariella Curci coming in close with the final outcome of 6-4 and Nicole Donnelly and Isabella Macgibbon with a 7-5 victory. 

Singles for the Griffons were their strong points with a total of four single match wins. 

The Griffons gave it their all to the end against the Saints in both singles and doubles and were able to push for a win in the end. 

The Griffons were then scheduled to play the Rockhurst Hawks on Sunday, March 1. This match was where the Griffons wanted to make a change for the better. 

The Griffons took over the Hawks in doubles. With Donnelly and Macgibbon dropping 6-3 their first set to a win in the No. 2 double match, Birosta and Iglesias took their first double match with a final of 6-1 in the No. 3 double match. 

In singles, the Griffons won five out of six of the matches. One match with Ariella Curci playing three whole games, she was able to continue to keep her head up and bounce back after her first loss in the first match. 

With the women’s tennis team putting in all of their effort and heart into their matches, they were able to dominate their way to the end to bring home yet another win to Missouri Western. 

Missouri Western is scheduled to play University of Missouri - St. Louis on Friday, March 6 at 2 p.m. in St. Louis, Missouri.

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