Esports facilities

Missouri Western is launching their very first esports team this fall. The new program was searching for a suitable space to hold their practice, and they found it in Murphy 119.

On the bottom floor of Murphy lies a room more than suitable to fit 10 or more esports competitors. Room 119 was transformed from a normal classroom to a top of the line Esports practice facility. Murphy 119 can hold about 10 competitors and is equipped with top-of-the-line computers, monitors, chairs, keyboards, etc. Varsity Rocket League player Konner Wilson is excited for this new space.

“119 is where the varsity team will practice,” Wilson said. “They have good machines, they are all brand new, they have top-end processors, it is really nice.”

119 was transformed in less than a year to fit the new players' needs when it comes to gaming. James Calhoun, the varsity student Fortnite coach, is pleased with the space that the players have been provided in the new practice facility. 

‘It is awesome,” Calhoun said. “We recently added a streaming setup so we can have one of the players stream and play. It is very nice, the space is great. Once it gets finished I think that it is going to be sick!”

The technology for the practice facility is also top-of-the-line equipment.

“We built our computers from Ace Computers,” Calhoun said. “We have 144 hrz monitors, which is the rate and quality of the pixels for the screen. Our computers have RTX 2080 graphics cards which are very nice.”

The keyboards and mouse are some of the best quality equipment as well. 

“We have HyperX alloy fps keyboards and Logitech mouse which are very good.” Calhoun said. “My players always ask to play in it (the practice facility) for practice."

Although the new program will have top-of-the-line facilities, the staff is having a hard time getting players to be all in. 

James Calhoun is the varsity Fortnite coach for this young program and will have a lot on his plate coming into their first competition season.

“For this first semester we are still trying to get familiar with Esports as an actual sport that is taken seriously.”  Calhoun said. “So it is taking some convincing for players to be on time just because it is so new.”

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