Around this time last year, cross country swept their first meet of the year for the second time in a row. Both men’s and women's teams managed to place first overall finishing top five on both sides. 

Junior Gillen managed to place first overall with a time of 19:46:6, improving her score from last year's first meet. Junior Kelsey Cox, with a time of 20:44:24, placed fourth, putting the team with an overall score of 26. 

The men’s team managed to finish with a score of 25. Freshman Ian Kibet finished second overall for the Griffons with a time of 27:10:39, with sophomore Andrew Wright close behind placing fourth with a time of 27:14:62.

Now junior, Jacob Oyler, remembers having an important highlight of the meet, teamwork.

 “How well we ran was like a pack together. In a lot of bigger meets, the team gets spread out, and that day we were really able to stay as a group for most periods of the day,” Oyler said.

Missouri Western’s Cross Country team swept their first-ever home meet. The first year the women's team ended with nine of the top 10 finishers, while the men's team had seven of the top 10 finishers.  

Sophomore Megan Gillen finished the meet placing second with an over time of 21:03:79, while freshman Page Kvale followed close behind placing third with a time of 21:46:88 for the women. 

For the men, freshman Andrew Wright earned second place with a time of 24:24:61. Brandon Colner managed to place third with a time of 24:55:06. Lastly, freshman Jacob Oyler pushed hard to earn fourth place, less than five seconds after Colner. 

Griffons spent a lot of time, determination and grit preparing for their season, doing lots of training and workouts to get them where they are today.

“Our training schedule is pretty tough, we run 70 plus miles per week, speed workouts, mile repeats and we have weights, so we prepare pretty heavily for our season,” Oyler said.  

Olyer remembers the weather being very hot. 

“ The men's distance in college is an 8K, which is basically five miles, so like by three miles in you’re like, 'whew man it's getting toasty out here,'” Oyler said.

Sweeping two years in a row meant a lot to not only the team, but the school as well. 

“ I think it shows what potential we have, we can get to the point of doing that on a consistent basis and not only home meets but wherever a meet is,” Oyler said.

Though he remembers running around 27 minutes for the second meet, it still was a great experience for Oyler. 

“I like winning, so it’s always nice to be able to win,” Olyer said.

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