It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done one of these. To be precise, I haven’t done a Brett’s Bulletin since Oct. 1 2019.

Wow. Anyways, we’re back to talk some Griffon sports, first impressions for baseball and softball and talk about why  it’s so hard to come into Looney and beat either men or women’s basketball right now. 

We’re gonna start off with the hot hand, and that has to go to Candi Whitaker and the Missouri Western women’s basketball team. Currently sitting at a 17-5 record with an 11-1 home record, they just beat UCM, a very good team in this conference and really, their final big road block for the season. It took a little bit but Katrina Roenfeldt has returned to peak 2019 form.

Her start to the year was inconsistent at best, but now she’s playing lights out like we know she can. There’s a big difference this year though, and it’s not the coach, it’s the support. Last year it was the Roenfeldt show, with her being the consistent shooter of the group, with everyone seeming like they were just support for her.

This year, no one is playing second fiddle to anyone and it’s built a superpower of a team. Corbyn Cunningham leads the team with 14.8 points-per-game and trailing right behind her is Chris Wilson with an average of 14.5. Roenfeldt is still averaging 11.1 and Anastacia Johnson is averaging 10.2 in the games she’s played as well.

The shooting is a lot more spread out, and it’s not just volume. Cunningham and Wilson are both great shooters. Johnson has really come into her own as well, so the load is off of Roenfeldt's shoulders as she now has a full five on the court that, are getting these opportunities to shoot. 

Let’s not forget about men’s basektball as well. With coach Sundance Wicks at the helm, this team has also been consistently great at home. Currently undefeated at home, they sit at 9-0 at home, 9-4 in the conference and 13-11 overall, and this team has impressed me.

They’re currently on a six-game winning streak, including a big win over UCM, a game that fans are still clamoring about. Part of the reason is the play of freshman Reese Glover, who tied a Missouri Western record with eight 3-point shots made in a game.

This isn’t anything new to him, being successful beyond the arc, as he holds a 40% shooting percentage from that distance, and has had 12 games with multiple threes made, with half of those games having four or more threes by him

Sophomore Tyrell Carroll leads the team with 16.8 points per game, while senior Tyus Millhollin averages 15 points per game.

Now, with baseball, this is not the start you wanted. They currently sit at a 1-6 record and just came off of a four-game sweek against Southern Arkansas. I know coach Buzz Verduzco wanted to get his strikeout numbers up this year, but with a young team like this, there’s a chance this may happen. 

The boys are young so you have to give them a breather, but this is a team that had lowered expectations this year, maybe not from themselves, but from the MIAA and the fans sure. This is not the start the team wanted but there are some bright spots on the team as of now.

Roy Robles showed signs of brilliance last year, and even this year, breaking the strikeout record, he’s show potential to be great. And I know it’s early, but Josh Robinson has played all seven games and has hit a .421 average. Andrew Meier has also played in all seven games so far and has hit a .360 average.

Griffons sports always have a way of being fun to watch and follow. Will women’s basketball make it far? Will men’s basketball keep up this momentum? Will baseball find their rhythm? Only time will tell.

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