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Missouri Western's bowling team is currently in their fourth year and have went to multiple tournaments outside of the state. 

The Missouri Western bowling team has had a successful fourth season this academic year. 

Head coach Monty Smith along with assistant coach Rhonda Brown are excited to be taking two bowlers to the United States Bowling Congress Intercollegiate Singles Qualification March 13-15, junior Carson Field and sophomore Jacob Dec. 

Field is majoring in manufacturing engineering with a concentration in design and he has been participating on the bowling team since he came to MWSU. As a freshman his pin average was around 160 or 170. In his sophomore season it was around 175 and now heading into this tournament his average is 194.

This puts him in the top 250 college bowlers nationally. Field met the coaches from MWSU when he was still bowling in highschool and said that it was a major interest in choosing his college. This is the first time Field will be participating in the sectional tournament. He hopes to do well this year and to qualify again next season. 

“I’m going obviously to try and compete and to try and qualify for nationals, but this is kind of mostly an experience thing,” Field said. “I made a huge improvement from my sophomore to junior year, and I want to make another improvement for my senior year. Hopefully then I will qualify for nationals for sure.”

Dec also learned about the MWSU bowling team while still in high school, as he attended one of the practices and from then he liked the idea of coming here and joining. His season average was around 182. Dec is interested in learning more oil patterns and how to play them better.He said he likes the team and how they all interact like a small family.

“I was really nervous last year on bus rides and tournaments,” Dec said. “Now that I’ve known them longer, I’m a lot more comfortable.” 

Smith is proud of the team as the head coach and is happy to see them all improving. There are seven players interested in the team this season and they can have five compete in each tournament. Smith said that he and Brown are always looking for students to join and that it doesn’t matter how good they are at bowling to start. 

“If you have a good attitude, and you’re willing to learn how to bowl, you’ll probably get to bowl some,” Smith said. “If you develop into a decent player, you'll probably get to bowl a lot.”

Anyone interested in joining should contact Monty Smith or Rhonda Brown via email and

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