Volleyball Scrimmage

Gold team member Allie Kerns spikes the ball against her teammates on the black team. The volleyball team scrimmaged each other on Thursday, Oct. 8.

Women's volleyball held a Black vs Gold scrimmage game in the MWSU Fieldhouse Thursday, Oct. 8. The Griffons held five sets with black taking three out of five sets winning the match.

Black came in strong the first two sets keeping them in the lead then falling just short in the next two sets causing team gold to win. Sophomore Karly Tharp, outside hitter for the black team kept team gold on their toes the entire game with several completed spikes

Tharp led the black team in points. 

“I think I did good at seeing the block and going out on the right and left side of the block and finding the holes,” Tharp said.  

Tharp also kept up great serves, getting the ball over the net for the majority of the game. She received great help from the entire black team.

“The team's strongest point in their scrimmage was that we really communicated and we were really united as a team and not individuals on the court, having a lot of fun and playing together,”Tharp said. 

Black then began to fall behind in the third and fourth sets losing their 2-0 lead. Gold came in very strong in both sets keeping a 4-5 point lead over the black team.

“Whenever we had a couple of missed serves in a row, we can work on making sure we get that next serve in,” Tharp said.

Senior middle blocker Ali Tauchen kept the gold team in the lead for sets three and four. Tauchen is a very competitive player with great defense, amazing kills, great teamwork and positive energy. 

“I think I owe all of my credit to my teammates, they make me look good,” Tauchen said. 

Though it was very close in the fourth set, black came up short and lost by two points in the set, giving gold the win sending the team into the five sets.

In the fifth match, team black came in very strong, scoring the first five points straight with freshman Hailey Crane scoring the game winning point, gaining the black team the overall win of the match.

Tauchen thought there were things the gold team could improve on.

“I think we just lacked communication in the scrimmage,” Tauchen said. 

Both sides played a competitive game, getting low, sliding out, with great offense and defense and amazing kills making the team look strong overall. 

“We’ve been working really hard. Since we haven’t had a season, this is kind of like our spring sweep and grinding and putting in like close to four hours a day. So it was nice to be able to compete,” Tauchen said. 

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