Mens basketball took on Pittsburg State in the MWSU Fieldhouse Saturday, Feb. 13. 

They opened up the game losing the tipoff and letting Pittsburg keep a five point lead for the first half.  Q Mays opened up for the Griffons making a 3-pointer. Throughout the first half, Griffons kept up the foul trouble with eight team fouls causing the team to fall behind in points. 

In the first half the Griffons fell behind two points putting the score 38-40. 

The Griffons came out in the second half dominating. Sophomore Will Eams brought them their first lead of the game bringing the score to 47-44. 

Junior Tyrell Carroll, guard for the Griffons, led the team with 25 points. Carroll showed grit, hard work, leadership and good decision making to help his team with the win tonight. 

“I know the guys are looking forward to me to lead and I know that I have to come ready everyday to lead , I know that I have to go hard every single time and the guys are going to feed off of that,” Carroll said. 

Sophomore guard Reese Glover was close behind in leading points with 19. Glover worked the entire game with teamwork, passion and hustle down the court shooting several threes throughout the game. 

"This was huge because it could have easily gone either way; just showing our fight and knowing that we are never giving up regardless of our streak, we are going to show up and be the same team and get the job done,” Glover said.

After coming off a seven game losing streak, the Griffons break the streak winning 82-81 with the game- winning buzzer beater being shot by junior and St. Joseph native Caleb Bennett.

“I saw the red going off but I knew I made it in, I was a little scared though, we just came out with that mindset that we were going to turn this around and it was just a matter of when we were going to do it and today was a good day to do it and we are going to try to get this thing back rolling,” Bennett said.

Assistant coach Ty Danielson has been head coach over the Griffons while Will Martin has been away. 

“Even when adversity hits, it hits us hard sometimes, seven straight losses, nobody quit on me, nobody quit on this team, when they easily could've,” Danielson said. 

The Griffons kept up amazing defense the entire game, hands up, boxing out doing everything in their power to not let Pittsburg score. 

“Mr. St Joe himself stepped up and got us over that hump,” Danielson said. 

“I feel like this was our first game in a while where we put 40 whole minutes into both offense and defense and the results showed for themselves,” Carroll said.

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