Brett Howery

Me, Ben Smith, Jon Bogart and Derek Zimmerman-Guyer have lived inside room 2108 in Vaselakos Hall for a hot minute. Now we live in room 2015 where every minute is hot.

This semester, per a mess up by RHD, we are living in room 2105. We have put in so many maintenance requests that even the DA’s and the RA’s have a nickname for our room. Ladies and gentleman, we live in the hell room.

We spent a lot on 2105 — $4,633 to be exact on the campus of Missouri Western. That is 4,633 reasons to get a room that gives you basic living amenities. Throughout the year, no matter the temperature, our room stays at a crisp 78-80 degrees no matter what.

While other rooms can control the temperature, we cannot, and we constantly had the window open. During the winter. Yep. 

That is one of the smaller problems. Here I will outline all of the problems we’ve had and go into more detail after: Low water pressure; no hot water; roommates window isn’t hinged to the wall; door lock is messed up and constantly acts like it’s dying; the pipes to the room are messed up and constantly vibrate and make a loud purring noise throughout our room and the neighboring rooms; our pipes were messed up last semester, resulting in a fix that had V-hall stink horridly for an entire day; and the biggest one of all, our lock completely stopped working.

I’m gonna start with the big one, our lock stopped working. Now no, that doesn’t mean that we couldn’t get into our room. It meant that anyone could get into our room because it never locked. For six days our room was accessible to anyone who had the gall to walk into our room.

For six days, my emotional service animal was free to steal because we couldn’t lock our door. It took maintenance six days to respond to this and that is unacceptable. 

Currently the pipes in our room are messed up, this is a problem and it’s annoying because while usually our water pressure is low, while the pipes are messing up they are WAY too high-pressured. We put in a maintenance request two weeks ago and it still hasn’t been fixed.

For anyone looking to move into Vaselakos Hall, if you are assigned to room 2105, immediately try and change. This room is literally from hell. It is full of problems and when maintenance requests come from the same room, apparently it makes them want to come to your room even less. No one should pay $4,633 dollars for a room with this many problems. Missouri Western, Vaselakos Hall, fix your shit. 

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