As the closing of the spring semester rapidly approaches, it is time to consider what you might want to do with you summer break. A whole three months of time for you to decide how to fill it. Many people will tell you that summer school is the way to go. Those people are over-achievers in a race to the grave.

Here is why you should skip summer school: so you can live life instead.

Most folks have no choice over what they do. They have to work full-time jobs. After a certain age summer becomes nothing more than the hottest working season. If you have kids then it is even more of a problem because then you have to figure out what to do with the little beasts while you are putting in your nine to five. Summer vacation becomes nothing more than a week in the Ozarks while you max out your credit card and nearly die from heat-stroke.

The truth is that if you are the average college student between the ages of 18 and 22, then these summers are the prime of your youth. This is your time to climb mountains and swim across oceans. This is your time to live and love and laugh as hard as you can. Why sit in a stuffy classroom throughout the wild summer heat just to speed up to your adult professional life?

With modern medicine, there is a good chance you might live to 100, so there is plenty of time later to make the money. It is going to be hard to climb Mt. Everest in Depends, though, so now is probably the best time to give it your shot. It is said that “youth is wasted on the young.” Don’t prove it to be true by going to summer school.

If instead of indulging in drunken depravity you really feel the need to feed your academic bug, then at least do something cool and cultural like the semester at sea. There are any number of college programs that will take you to exotic locales and give you credit for it. How about going south and studying Español? Or taking in the Mediterranean with a stop in Greece?

Why rush to grow up when you could take the last years of your youth and innocence to sow wild oats and swing from chandeliers? Why not live life?

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