I ran the opposition campaign last year, this year I want Nathan Scott to run for reelection

It’s that time of year again, the student government is about to hold its annual elections for SGA president, vice president, and senators. This is a time for the student body to affirm who they want to represent and lead the student body next year. With this in mind- I beg the question, who should lead us next year?  

I am the current senator and co-chair of the financial oversight committee, and last year, around this time I was the campaign manager for Dillon Shreckler’s presidential bid against Nathan Scott. However, after seeing the positive leadership displayed by Nathan Scott this year, I am calling on him to run for reelection for a second term as president of the Student Government Association.

I believe Nathan is the best person for the job for several reasons. The first being that Nathan Scott has promoted greater transparency in SGA through his “CSPAN for Senate” initiative,which has allowed students to watch senate meetings in a covid safe manner. President Scott has also pushed the SGA’s social media presence to newer and greater heights than I (and many others) ever imagined possible with increases in social media engagement upwards of 1,350 percent since assuming office last year. 

President Scott has spent much of his administration working on investing in our campus community, including supporting Griffon News, and Griffon Esports. Under the Scott administration, SGA has invested in updating equipment in the Baker Fitness Center and renovating technology and furniture in Blum Student Union. These areas required improvement and investment for years, and President Scott had the vision and will to find a solution.

Scott has also been able to follow through on his lofty promises of last year’s campaign. By bringing down text book costs through the First Day Program, he has helped many students get access to the books that they need for their classes at a lower rate than they would have last year. 

President Scott’s executive board is also something that is worthy of being praised. He has developed one of the most diverse and innovative teams in SGA history. These people are some of the hardest working executive board members that I have personally seen during my three years in the senate. They have done and will continue to do great things.

Perhaps the most important reform President Scott has pushed through was the Financial Freedom and Reform Act that passed last fall. This act refined and expanded the way that FOC allocates resources to individuals and student organizations. These reforms give greater freedoms and control over how student organizations utilize the resources that are given to them. 

With SGA President Nathan Scott being a junior, I think he should highly consider running for a second term.  I have presented the highlights of President Scott’s leadership and success over the past year and his record speaks for itself. Should President Scott choose to run for a second term, he will have my vote.

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