Dhimani Butler

I love my dorm. It has a kitchen, bathroom, shower and a bed. All the essentials. There are many things I don’t like about my room in Leaverton though. There’s mold everywhere in my bathroom, one of my sinks is clogged and I have a huge bug problem. I’m not the only one having problems with my dorm room either. 

In the past months, we’ve had the hot water go out for three days and the elevator has stopped working periodically.

My neighbor in the hall, Micah Bard, has also had a bug problem when his air conditioning went out.

“We cracked the window because of the heat and when we woke up the next morning there were 50 stink bugs in our room,” Bard said.

These bugs have been a problem in many dorms because in the fall they seek warm places to stay.

Lacey Nelson, a resident of Leaverton, is also upset about the problems in her room. Ever since moving into Leaverton in August, she has been concerned about her room.

“I have a wasp problem, and our curtains are too small so it’s hard to have privacy in my own room,” Nelson said

This curtain situation makes the resident feel uncomfortable in her own living space. 

Another resident on the third floor, Cody Watson, has had problems with his room prior to moving into it.

“There’s a huge hole in our wall that was there before any of us moved in,” Watson said.

All of the students I interviewed believe that they are not getting what they paid for with how their dorm is looking. 

“These problems make living in Leaverton discouraging and make me not want to live here,” Watson said. 

With all of these problems with our dorms, we were instructed to submit a form on the online help center. This wasn’t helpful because many people have submitted a form weeks ago without receiving any help so far. I believe that whoever runs the help center should actually help the people who are having problems.

The pandemic might be a factor in why the dorms aren’t up to standard, but I believe that there could’ve been a better way to take care of cleaning the dorms and fixing the problems in the rooms rather than having the incoming residents deal with the problems on their own.

I’m glad the school provides me with a place to stay, but I wish I could enjoy living in my dorm. 

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