This is my response to the editorial in the Nov. 18 Griffon News.

As a student who has been an associate senator and a senator of SGA, when you have a complaint about SGA, you should talk to a senator or any one of the executive board members or come to a senate meeting, which is open to all students to attend. The senate meeting is at 5 p.m. Monday night on the second floor of Blum. The only way to get correct facts about what is going on with SGA is by attending a senate meeting or talking to a member of SGA. There has been a lot of talk about the administrative assistant for SGA that has been in the paper and other people talking about it, but they are giving out the wrong facts about this position that Kathy Kelly will be filling.

Kelly’s position is not really new, it’s mainly just a change in title and moving her office within the SGA office since she will be doing the same job that she has been doing for years with SGA. Kelly has been helping everyone in SGA for years with training all the officers in the responsibility of all the executive officers and senators, For instance, the director of finance who runs the FOC committee where the clubs and organizations apply for funding for their club events or conferences that the clubs are attending. Once FOC approves their requests, then Kelly sends the money to the clubs account or pays electronically for the tickets, hotel expenses or whatever the approved funding is for. Since the director of finance cannot send the money himself, Kelly will not be taking over responsibilities of any of the executive officers with her new position.

SGA decided to this, since we hired a new vice president of student affairs. Kelly’s responsibilities have doubled compared to our last advisor for SGA, who was an associate dean of student affairs, who has less responsibility than a vice president of student affairs? Dr. Esther Peralez who is the new VP of student affairs and our new advisor for SGA agreed with SGA wanting to make Kelly the administrative assistant for SGA, with this change we will continue to have consistency from year to year within SGA. Having Peralez as the advisor for SGA is a good thing for student government since Peralez is for the students and encourages more students to get involve with student government, and her being a vice president can also help with getting student’s voice with top administration.


Dan Drope

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