My name is Brandon Boswell, and I felt compelled to write this letter upon the fifth anniversary of the murdering of thousands of innocent American citizens, which is known as 9/11.

As I watched the Fox News Channel most of the afternoon this Sept. 11 I eventually began to think about the fact that America is so divided today. And to be honest, it bothered the hell out of me. As all the pictures from five years ago flashed across the screen, a feeling of stupidity started to creep into my body. I thought to myself, “What ever happened to us Americans being united?â€Â “Why can’t we Americans put aside our political, social and whatever other differences we may have, and just be Americans?â€Â

Some people say the Bush Administration has caused this division. So what if you don’t support the Bush administrations policies. Does this mean that we should divide ourselves as American brothers and sisters under one great flag and create a war here in our homeland? What if we put aside these disagreements and decided to support our president and each other in this time of war? Would the possibility that the war on terror could end much quicker be in the cards? I am optimistic that it would. The rest of the world sees the polls splashed all over the television that this country is divided, and our enemies are only emboldened to fight the cause of freedom. We need to look at President Bush as an American president at this time, not a Republican president.

On my way home from class that afternoon, I was listening to 96.5 The Buzz and the disc jockey had an interesting story. He talked about how he was present in New York City on 9/11, and how after the attacks everybody was very loving and caring. People didn’t see each other as Republican or Democrat. They didn’t see each other as black, white, Jew, Christian, Muslim, or atheist. They only saw each other as Americans. Where has this attitude gone? We have become blind to our unifying nationality.

I am a conservative and constantly find myself screaming at the television when the likes of John Kerry or Hillary Clinton are on the screen bashing the president and his policies. But on the fifth anniversary of 9/11, I thought about how those politicians are Americans just like me. We must unite right now, just as we did during the World Wars. America is at war, and there is no denying it. Even if we pulled out of the Middle East, the enemies of freedom would still attack us. It is an ideology of hate and anarchy that our enemies want the world to live by, not just succeed in driving America from the lands they inhabit. We didn’t ask for this war, it was given to us right on our front door step. Now we must do what ever it takes to win it. God Bless.

Brandon R. Boswell

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