Fellow Griffons, Welcome to the 2016-2017 year here at Missouri Western! My name is Alec Guy, and I am the Student Government Association (SGA) President for this school year. I am a senior majoring in Political Science and Economics. I have really enjoyed my time at MWSU for many reasons, b… READ MORE

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Greetings, and welcome to Missouri Western! Or, if you are returning, then welcome back! It is an honor to be entering my ninth year as the President of Missouri Western, and we have a lot of good news to celebrate this fall. Just yesterday, we took a moment to open the newly renovated pool complex. […] READ MORE

Joe Friedman Eulogy by Bob Vartabedian   Dr. Joseph Friedman was born in St. Joseph, Missouri in 1920. And, he certainly had a remarkable life.   He was a war hero and liberator of Holocaust survivors. He also had a career as a well-respected local podiatrist. And, as we all know, he was a highly […] READ MORE

My Fellow Griffons, With the kickstart of the centennial anniversary, now is the time to look back at Western’s first 100 years and to imagine the next century to come.  How will we change over the next century? What new buildings & programs will we add, how will student needs change in that time? We […] READ MORE

Having always been one to avoid politics and drama at every turn the recent news about the tobacco and alcohol policies have me concerned. It would appear to the average student that the School is purposely catering to outside sources while cracking down on the students who live here. For instance the smoking ban is […] READ MORE

I’m Nick Brewer, an economics major here at MWSU and a non-smoker.  That being stated, a smoke free-campus robs students of possibly the most valuable lesson college has taught me; opportunity cost.  That life is full of choices and tradeoffs between goods and services.  These past four years have been a safe place to experiment […] READ MORE

Smoking areas would be a great compromise but it would have to be enforced better than it is around state buildings or non smoking campuses such as Heartland Health. MWSU is a huge property and it is not easy to go to the end of campus to smoke. I am a smoker and I follow […] READ MORE

Last week the Griffon News published an article about unapproved flyers that appeared overnight urging student workers to stand up for their rights. The flyers state that students are: harassed by their employer, not allowed to have input into the operation of the workplace and receive zero respect from their employers. As a student worker […] READ MORE

To whom it may concern: Recently, the student government of this campus passed a bill that will cost full time students an extra $150.00 per year to attend college. According to the SGA president, there was not enough time to have a student vote, so the SGA felt the need to promise our money. Bear […] READ MORE

I have often found the Griffon News informative and interesting. However, I am not impressed with the recent issue dated March 29, 2012. In fact, staff writer Natalie Spivey should learn to check her facts and verify her sources before you run to print anything she writes. The SGA did not; I repeat did not […] READ MORE

The staff editorial “Occupy Missouri Western” requires a response, as its muddled mix of misinformation will give readers an inaccurate portrayal of the Occupy movement and grassroots activism in general. Griffons are told that they, as students, “are not part of the 99%.” This alone reveals a fundamental misunderstanding about the Occupy movement, and what […] READ MORE

A past edition of the Griffon News featured a letter to the editor from a student that was apparently aggravated with the MWSU administration and SGA over the recent tuition increase. There were three main points to his argument that I feel are in need of a response. The student claimed that MWSU received budget […] READ MORE

To the Editor, Thank you for printing my letter in your paper.  I have been happy with the feedback I have received from many students both agreeing and disagreeing with myself.  There is one area of my letter, however, I would like to clarify for any who found my point vague. The idea that the […] READ MORE

Dear Editor,  There was an article about the SGA President and incoming SGA people concentrating their efforts to enforce the smoking policy of Missouri Western State University and how to deal with the complaints from non-smokers and meeting in the middle for all students to be happy.  The smokers of cigarettes know to address the problem of trash that is left behind from uncaring people like smokers that leave a bad taste when they view cigarette butts around campus grounds; it’s for all people that come here.  The passing of the student vote has made SGA become the voice for all students and help with the complaints about smoking and the rules that come with it. The SGA Director is glad the students have spoken in the vote. But, it may become the policy of MWSU anyway because of carelessness of the smokers themselves.  Due to current financial constraints and to tidy up the campus, this may be the only way for MWSU to clean up the butts. Employees get a paycheck and the cuts that the campus was dealt needs, to show up somewhere.  I think that the author is explaining to be thankful of what you have and to respect others that you may affect because human carelessness will have a permanent effect on the campus. It is a privilege and not a right to smoke.  People need to be aware and respectful of other people and be responsible for the acts that reflect on them. His past article calls it like it is and smokers better listen up.  My position is that I am thankful that the smokers were there to vote.  On that day of voting, I was telling people (that were smoking) that they need to vote if they want to continue with the privilege they have. I am a smoker and a firm believer that everyone’s vote counts and if you don’t exercise that right, then you get what you get.  What I don’t like is that some people are lazy and are not willing to work to get along, like moving the smokers spot to an area that are agreeable for both parties. Now that cigarette butts on the ground have caused an issue, it is clear that we need to move the smoke pad somewhere else. We need to put peer pressure on them to not leave butts on the ground and have some pride in themselves ad help keep the campus clean. Either way, I don’t want to lose what I have and it looks like I’m going to fight to keep it. Sincerly,  Brian Gomez READ MORE

This is my response to the editorial in the Nov. 18 Griffon News. As a student who has been an associate senator and a senator of SGA, when you have a complaint about SGA, you should talk to a senator or any one of the executive board members or come to a senate meeting, which […] READ MORE

In recent weeks, the Griffon News has published several articles belittling the last SGA Administration. This saddens me. My executive board worked around the clock throughout this last year, and I believe it is time to give credit where it is due. This year we: -Created a parking, recycling, health, smoking, and technology committee. Each […] READ MORE

To whom it may concern: In response to the April 15, 2010 issue of Griffon News Editorial. In the recent election (opportunity to vote) much like elections in the community at-large; the votes of a few determined the outcome for everyone. Why? Was it student lack of interest? Or is there a larger question at […] READ MORE

 During  the strange period of human history called the 1980’s, there was an outbreak of inspirational posters that found their home on the walls of many a high school counselor’s office. A favorite that garnered a following was the phrase “today is the first day of the rest of your  life.â€Â It means that each […] READ MORE

On Oct. 28, 2006, Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church invited Tarek Saab and his friend Jason Jones to speak on Amendment 2. Tarek has appeared on Donald Trump’s show The Apprentice, Season Five, and is the CEO of Lionheart Apparel for guys. READ MORE