Between finding your classes and meeting your new professors, the first week of college classes is always stressful. For many Missouri Western students, they had another layer of stress on top of that to deal with: no textbooks.

It’s hard to complete assignments, read assigned text or study for quizzes when materials aren’t in from the bookstore. In fact, this issue can put students behind several weeks in their classes.

Missouri Western student, Taylor Schubert, didn’t receive her textbooks when she expected. She has waited several weeks to receive the book she needed for class and made multiple trips to the bookstore to check on her orders.

“It did affect my classes because I needed that required book for an assignment,” Schubert said. “But my teacher was very understanding and was able to give me the online version of the chapters needed.”

Schubert wasn’t the only student on campus with this problem. Dani Burns waited three weeks to receive an access code.

Burns explained that because it was an access code, she couldn’t complete any work for the class at all. Although, she did mention her professor extended due dates since multiple students had this problem.

“I understand how the shipping process works and why it took so long. But it was also an inconvenience because I was behind in my class by several weeks, which means I had a lot to catch up on," Burns said.

The issue is not because the bookstore isn’t aware of the demand for books. Professors report how many students are enrolled in each class. Therefore, the campus bookstore should have ordered a sufficient amount of materials.

Such a large amount of students have experienced issues with the campus bookstore, many students are using other options. Amazon has become a popular platform for renting and buying books.

College students are able to receive Amazon Prime for a discounted rate, and most textbooks can be found at a much more affordable price than renting or buying from the campus bookstore. Not to mention, when using Prime, materials usually arrive within two days! Students don’t need to wait weeks like they would if purchasing from the bookstore.

However, Amazon is not the answer for everyone. Some students are forced to buy from the campus bookstore due to book vouchers, which means there is no avoiding these issues.

Even after receiving a beautiful new location, the campus bookstore fails to do their job. Student orders are rarely on time. Many professors accommodate the bookstore’s lack of materials by assuming no students will have their books the first couple weeks. This impairs professors’ jobs and keeps students from learning.

After many attempts to get clarification on the issue and perhaps a reasonable explanation, the Missouri Western Bookstore declined to comment.

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