My name is Katy Sisco and I am from a small town in Nebraska. I have lived on Missouri Western’s campus for three years. Throughout those three years, I have made friendships that helped me develop into the strong individual I am today. I am running for president to make a positive difference for the students of this university. I want to see students, and the university, reach their full potential. I will address critical issues including: maximizing student engagement to ensure students receive the most beneficial experience at MWSU, informing the student body about the student success act, and branding the SGA name.

As president, ensuring the money SGA allots to student organizations is being used in the most beneficial way is paramount. This includes money being properly budgeted and allocated by the organizations. Programs that organizations hold should reflect their outlined objectives.

Many students may ask, what is the student success act? The student success act is funded by the student body of MWSU to support the university, in the light of the expected budget cut. However, the expected budget cut never came to fruition, yet, the act is still active. The money from the fee will still go to the expected departments outlined in the act. I support the student success act in the spirit that it will go towards improvements and other university needs.

During my last three years as a resident, it has come to my attention that many students do not fully understand SGA’s function and its relationship to WAC. I want to see WAC become well known to the students as the programming entity of SGA. Promoting the function of WAC will help with the division of branding SGA as its entity.

Issues critical to the students are not limited to those which are publicly apparent, but include the private concerns of every student. I am passionate about the success of this university and I know that successful students are part of a successful university. So, in turn, I am determined to make sure that the student body gets the most out of their college experience at MWSU through the means of SGA.


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