Godzilla Kong

There are always age old arguments that will never come to a clear decision such as Coke or Pepsi, Marvel or DC, and even if tomatoes are a fruit. None of these arguments are as important as the question dating all the way back to the 1950s. Who wins in a fight, King Kong or Godzilla?

With the upcoming movie Godzilla vs. Kong released to theaters and HBO Max on March 31, I felt that it was time I weighed in my opinion on the matter of who should win. I feel that in order to properly answer this question you must take into account the history of these giants as well as the new upgrades and plot seen from the trailers released so far.

To begin I feel it’s logical to look at the two opponents strengths and weaknesses. Starting with Godzilla weighing in around 90,000 metric tons and standing at 355 feet, he proves quite a problem for any foe. Based on the most recent movie Godzilla: King of the Monsters, he currently hosts powers ranging from atomic nuclear breath, breathing underwater, super tough scales, nuclear absorption, and a mean bite and tail whip. In the movie his nuclear blasts don’t seem to be too deadly to Kaiju in small amounts as was witnessed in his fight against the three headed regenerating dragon Ghidorah. However King Kong is not your average Kaiju as he lacks the hard scaly skin that many do. On top of being a walking power plant Godzilla also commands the respect of all the other monsters which could prove troublesome for Kong if he gets a monster posse together.

Moving on to the top primate Kong has seen a growth spurt since his last movie Kong Skull Island and is now standing around 400 feet having a slight height advantage on the lizard. When it comes to Kong's powers the internet memes have summed it up best as “he monkey”. As any gorilla does, Kong has the muscle power to go with his size making for a strong punch or kick to any opponent he faces. On top of his strength I feel that Kong has more capability to use strategies in battles and a bigger intellect. He also has opposable thumbs meaning he can wield weapons much easier than your average monster as can be seen in the trailer with him rocking a nice new axe. He also has the compassion and emotion that the lizard king lacks which in the past and seemingly present movie pits the military on his side of the battle. 

With their powers out of the way I feel the clear winner of any straight on battle would have to be Godzilla. Despite Kong's ability of making friends and holding weapons it is just really hard to envision Kong surviving more than three shots of pure nuclear energy. In past movies Kong can be hurt by the average explosive where Godzilla just absorbs them. If Kong can hardly play with the humans it's hard to imagine him fighting the king of the monsters. 

Overall, I feel their fight will be short lived and that after a small scrap will work together to take on the big bad of the movie. However, anytime giant monsters show up on screen to fight I will be there to watch no questions asked, and even though I think King Kong should lose, I'm still rooting for you buddy.

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