We, as Americans have the right to protect ourselves with the use of weapons, however if we are convicted of any felony we lose our right to bare arms.

Felons with non-violent crimes shouldn’t lose their right to bare arms. I have a felony for receiving stolen property. The property that I received was a book of compact discs.

As a result of this felony, I’m not allowed to possess a weapon of any sort. I can’t have a handgun, a knife longer than six inches, or a bow and arrow.

I’m not allowed to hunt, which I could care less about, but I’m not allowed to protect myself either.

How am I supposed to protect myself if I’m not allowed to have a gun, a crossbow, or even a knife?

If I’m home alone and someone breaks into my house with the intention to kill me, I have to throw an ashtray at him or her and hope for a kill shot.

Not only am I not allowed to possess firearms; I’m not allowed to even be around them.

I can’t even live in a house that has weapons in it. If I were to follow the law as it reads, I wouldn’t even be able to possess the utensils needed to eat a steak dinner.

There should be some criteria for felons and their right to possess firearms especially since the crimes that constitute a felony are steadily increasing.

If you get pulled over on the way home from picking up your grandmother’s medication at the pharmacy, you get charged with a felony for having a prescription that’s not in your name.

If you get caught driving without a license three times, that’s a felony.

If you get caught driving under the influence three times, that’s a felony.

If you are charged with any of these crimes, you are labeled as a felon and you lose your right to bare arms.

Murderers and other violent offenders should not be able to possess firearms because they have the potential to endanger lives but they should be placed in a separate category than non-violent offenders.

I’ve never had a violent crime of any sort in my life but because someone left a couple of Jay-Z CD’s in my car, I’m not allowed to protect my family.

These laws vary in different states but the government still doesn’t have a permanent standard set for felons and their right to bare arms, not one that’s fair anyways.

A lot of the people that fall into the category of convicted felons served our country in the past.

They shot killed and died for our freedom, and now they can’t even own a gun because of some petty crime that our government deems a felony.

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