Brett Kavanaugh was supposed to be appointed for Supreme Court Justice. But, there was a hiccup for him. Four women have stepped out and accused Kavanaugh of having assaulted them. One women in particular that is gaining attention is Dr. Christine Blasy Ford.

From Dr. Ford’s hearing she said that it was six people at a party. Kavanaugh was present, and he had a friend present whom is named Mark Judge. Dr. Ford and others were drinking, and Dr. Ford went upstairs and was pushed inside a bedroom and was pushed on the bed. She believes 100% that it was Kavanaugh that was the person that did these terrible things. Judge was off to the side kind of encouraging Kavanaugh. Judge jumped on the bed, and Dr. Ford was able to get away, and she locked herself in the bathroom. When Judge and Kavanaugh left the room and went downstairs, Dr. Ford made the escape and left the party and walked home.

We think that because of the situation and the statements that the other five women have said about Kavanaugh that he should not be appointed for Supreme Court Justice. Dr. Ford’s hearing was believable enough to be able to see that Kavanaugh would do such an act. Putting someone in a position in the government that is high and important doesn’t make sense if they have committed an act that would be unethical and illegal to do.

I can’t imagine what the other countries would begin to think if the U.S. let in a person that treats women poorly. At that point it shows that the U.S. would let in anybody regardless if they have committed a crime. To other countries, it would show that we aren’t to be trusted as much since it shows that we let in just about anyone.

Now, the argument here is “But, it was done 30 years ago. Why should it matter?” The answer to that is it doesn’t matter if it was done 30 years ago, 10 years ago or even 40 years ago. A crime is a crime committed or recorded or both. Dr. Ford felt comfortable enough to step out and talk about her traumatic experience, something that isn’t easy for anyone to do if they were put in the same situation because they are, in essence, reliving the experience. Who would want to relive what they went through? No one would. Some states also have no statute of limitation laws that mean that regardless how long ago the crime was done it still matters.

If Kavanaugh is appointed even though he assaulted Dr. Ford and possibly five other women, it will reflect bad on the U.S. and Supreme Court as a whole. For this reason the Supreme Court should think carefully about their plan of action in appointing Kavanaugh.

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