Dr. Robert Vartabedian has led a terrific career as the president of Missouri Western State University.

Since Vartabedian has become president the Kansas City Chiefs use Western as their training camp during the summer months which has given Western’s name out to the community better than in the past.  The Chiefs presence at Western has provided a better relationship between St. Joseph and Kansas City. The Chiefs also have given football players a chance to try out for the team should the graduates continue on to play NFL. Inside the Griffon Indoor Sports Complex (GISC) is a gym that was built for the Chiefs. Now, when the Chiefs aren’t here to use that facility, it is now open to other athletes. The Chiefs existence at Western has been a great decision by vartabedian.

During his presidency Vartabedian has also made major construction improvements to the school. Such as he led the construction of the Walter Cronkite memorial that is one of the popular attractions as Western. The Walter Cronkite memorial is one of the main attractions at Western and continually receives attention visitors as well as attract students because Walter Cronkite went to what was called Missouri Western State College. This was a win win on both ends. Potential students would be attending a school where famous broadcast journalist Walter Cronkite grew up in St. Joseph. This increased the popularity with the school and the community. Especially, people that were around when Cronkite was popular would like this memorial.  

More projects to the university are the additions of the School of Fine Arts and the School of Nursing and Health professions. These two add ons gave Western more focused options for degrees to choose from. Before, School of Fine Arts was with the School of Liberal Arts, and School of Nursing and Health was with School of Professional Studies. Since the two schools faculty were focused in those areas better and put more focus on those schools than it was before.

Vartabedian also added Master programs to the university which allowed undergraduate graduates a way to obtain higher education in their respective majors. This further attracted the public of either students at Western or new students coming from different schools to get their masters.

While it wasn’t just academics that Vartabedian rooted for. He also pushed for improvements made to Spratt stadium. The improvements done to Spratt stadium were the remodeling of the facility which made it a much better stadium to attend sporting events at. The Bill Snyder pavilion was also added at Western to give people a better experience at watching sports.

Vartabedian has without a doubt led an excellent presidency and many others at Western will miss him. But they will be thankful for what he has contributed to the university.

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