In case you haven’t heard, the master plan project sounds pretty important.

Just the name, ‘master plan,’ indicates that this isn’t just a normal, routine improvement plan – this is the comprehensive, big deal, will-affect-the-campus-for-a-long-time, master plan.

This plan is going to affect almost every physical aspect of our campus – landscaping, building improvements (including the possibility of new buildings or additions to old ones) and the all-important parking.

With that being said, it is pretty dang cool that Western administrators are asking – virtually begging – for student input.

Not only are they having three different forums (by the way, GO TO THE FORUMS!,) they are creating the student ethnography project, where students get to take pictures throughout their day on campus and visually illustrate what they like and don’t like about the campus.

So now, instead of just complaining that you hate *insert whatever you hate on campus here,* you have the opportunity to let your voice be heard and show the administrators and the master planning team why the thing you hate should go or be fixed. We at the Griffon News believe that something will be done about that thing you hate, even if it is after we are graduated and gone (the plan is going on for ten or more years, people.)

Even if taking pictures isn’t really your thing, you can go to the forums and hear what the master planning team has to say about what they, as an outside team looking in, see as problems on campus. The team has already completed a walkthrough of the entire campus, or very close to if not the whole campus, and have started creating ideas about what they think should be changed.

Once you hear what they think, you can voice your opinion and how you think the problem areas on campus should be handled. And it’s not just that you can – it’s that you are being asked to.

They have also created a master plan steering committee that includes the one and only SGA President Daniel Hager. Another great way to get your opinion into the master plan ideas – tell Daniel what you think and have him pass the word along.

With all of that being said, it is a really exciting time to be a Griffon. We, the current student body, get to be part of a huge plan to help shape the future of Western’s campus. Take advantage of that.

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