Everyone loves having a pool.

It was a desired thing to have with every house when we were younger.

But how many of you actually know that we have a pool?

Regardless of how many of you think, “I know we do,” the number of you that actually go and use the pool is pathetic.

On average, seven people use the pool per day.

On top of the rate at which the pool is draining, the up keep of the facility is $1.5 million.

Is it really worth the money to have a pool that no one really uses?

We understand that this pool is important to some people. There is a swim team and a few classes that use it. However, going in there and seeing it empty on a daily basis makes us wonder if we could be using the space for better purposes.

Now we have three options that we are currently aware of: keep the pool we have and fix the leak, build a new one in its place and traffic better or just shut the whole thing down and make a rec area.

We are not selling one option over the other. We just think that, regardless of what is actually done, something really needs to happen.

Option one is keeping the pool we have now. With the current leak and the unknown location of the leak, the cost of repairs is still unknown. If it’s relatively cheap, fixing it and continuing the promotion of use of the pool would be easy for the university to accomplish. However, if the repairs are more expensive than the pool is really worth, maybe option two is the better way to go.

Building a new pool is probably our most expensive option, but let’s face it, people love new pools. Having a nice updated pool would attract more attention than we have now. Plus, with all of the other renovations going on on campus, a new pool only adds to the image that Missouri Western is constantly updating the university.

But, there’s another update-style option. Closing the pool altogether and building a new rec area in its place also shows that Missouri Western is willing to update aspects of its campus that might otherwise be overlooked. The upkeep of a rec area is far cheaper than that of a new pool and it provides another practice area for athletics and PED courses.

These are the three options we are aware of right now, but there are plenty of people on this campus that could have even better ideas.

If having a pool on campus is something that you believe is important, then make your desires known – attend the pool forum on Tuesday, Sept. 30 at 11 a.m. in Blum 218. But, if you believe that a rec area is appropriate, let the administration know and voice your opinion at the forum. This forum is one of your last chances to have your opinion on the matter voiced.

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