By: Dayton Bissett

Older music is better than newer music. When I say older music, I mean ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s and even some ‘90s. Music that actually has instruments that the artists play with their hands and their mouths. Music that requires true vocal talent and not auto-tuned, altered voices. Music that just seems more real. It’s not something that can really be done in a few hours or so on a computer. I mean music that requires real talent, hard work and practice.

Agree with me or not, everyone can admit that there is a different sound from those older songs to the newer songs coming out today. There isn’t an argument there. The argument is which one sounds better.

Anyone would admit that today’s music is more technology based. There are fewer instruments being used because everything can be done digitally now. I’m not saying all bands use only technology. I still see instruments being used today, but they’re just not being used as much as they were before.

Music is now highly reliant on loops and auto tune. I feel as if the talent aspect has been stripped by music creation being made easier. I know it still takes talent to make music, but the risk factor has been erased for this generation. Back then, the sound of someone’s voice couldn’t just be fixed, and older recordings of music just sound more real and less robotic because of that. As for loops, they, in a way, replace drums. A band can still use drum loops to keep a beat, but that isn’t them physically taking the challenge in the song to keep that beat.

Just imagine a world where loops replaced Ringo Starr. The Beatles would not be the same, nor would they be as good without the famously, crazy sounding and offbeat drum style of Starr. He was the heart of the Beatles, as any good drummer is the heart of the band. If loops had been there to replace Starr, then the Beatles would have lost their heart and, therefore, would have died. If the Beatles would have died, then Jude might have made it bad. That would not be good.

In all honesty, old bands were needed. Without music influencers like the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Elton John, David Bowie, Queen, Michael Jackson and many, many more, music would not be the same today. So, while that next big song is playing, just think about how that song truly came about. Think about the artist who created that song and the bands and music influencers that they listened to which ended up being their influence to create that song.

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