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I have always been a huge fan of comedy. As a college student attending comedy shows are a necessity and a great alternative to crying. We crave to relieve stress all of the time and laughing is a great cure all.

In the past, I’ve seen great comedians like, Amy Schumer. Who, recently released a comedy special on Netflix, called, “Amy Schumer, Growing”.

Schumer is known for starring in comedy movies like, “Train wreck” or “I Feel Pretty”. She also has her own show called “Inside Amy Schumer” on Comedy Central.

Her humor can sometimes be blunt or gross about her bodily functions. While most females aren’t forthcoming about that information, Schumer has no problem being completely honest. She also loves to talk about the politics of today and tends to lean more towards the democratic point of view.

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to relate or laugh about the material she would talk about because of the title of her comedy show relating to her pregnancy.

Most of her material did focus on her pregnancy and how she has hyperemesis. Which is a pregnancy complication that can make you feel like you have the flu every day.

This comedy show felt more personal and intimate about Schumer’s life and let the audience in more than her previous comedy show, which is also on Netflix.  

She talks about her new husband and the challenges she faces since they started going out to the moment they said I do.

Her act included material such as, growing up as a woman with the period stigma. How women have a fear of violence while men have a fear of being ridiculed.

Like her last comedy tour, she did bring politics into her monologue. By speaking about a protest she attended against Senator Brett Kavanagh. During this protest she was arrested while pregnant. Although, she was there to support survivors of rape, all she could think about before getting arrested was food.  

She ended the show with a life lesson to all girls in their mid-twenties or still dating to wait until men get tired in their mid-thirties because she wishes someone would’ve told her that sooner.

In my opinion, Schumer did not disappoint. This Netflix comedy show is only an hour and if you’re looking for a relatable laugh, not afraid to listen to some honesty and are a woman, I would definitely take some time and watch “Amy Schumer, Growing.”

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