During this global pandemic, playing college football should not be important. Putting young athletes at risk of getting COVID-19 should not even be an option. Though they are taking precautions, like several tests a week, sanitizing equipment and wearing masks while around one another, I could only imagine how uncomfortable the players are.

College sports bring in well over $1 billion per year. However, the vast majority of this revenue is generated by college football teams. Putting young athletes at risk of getting COVID-19 to generate money for schools should not even be an option right now. No amount of money should be considered worth higher than any person's health, let alone the people who bring in all of this income for schools at risk. 

Fans are what makes a large impact on a football game  the screaming, shouting and genuine support for an athlete — is what makes the game. A majority of college teams are only allowing few to no fans. At most, they are only able to fill 20-25% of capacity in stadiums. Though COVID-19 guidelines have been set, many fans still don't follow them. Florida State University had a crowd of nearly 18,000 people at Doak Campbell Stadium, standing right on top of another without any face coverings, despite face coverings being required in Leon County, Florida, where the school is located. Though athletes may take the steps to make sure they are following the guidelines and taking the precautions, you still have those that don't take others' health into consideration and risk it all for not only themselves but everyone else. Those attending games still go home to families, back to dorms with roommates or even go out and hang with friends, which only ups the risk of spreading COVID-19. If no one wants to play a game without having family, friends and supporters in attendance, there shouldn't be games at all. 

This time should be looked at as a good thing for athletes. They should be taking this opportunity for extra time to advance in studies and better their skills so that in the future they can be even better than before. Athletes should receive extra eligibility in addition to them not being able to play and should be allowed to take this time to train and advance for another season.

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