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Funerals in 2020 are no more fun than funerals in general. Having to attend a funeral recently, I would know that it is not an ideal turn of events. Funerals never are, but 2020 definitely somehow makes it worse.

First of all, only close family is allowed at the funeral. This doesn’t seem like a big deal but it makes it more hard in the moment knowing that not everyone who should be there or wants to be there can be there. It’s difficult knowing that this may not be the way they wanted to be sent off. The whole time I was just thinking they deserve better. This is depressing and I’m sorry but that’s what 2020 is all about.

Another hard part about it is not being able to be close to anyone at the funeral. Even though the only people who were in attendance were family, it was still regulation to social distance as well as wearing masks. Six feet apart from grieving family members can be hard because there is a sense of disconnection. It’s not a big deal, but in the moment, it feels like it is. Don’t get me wrong, I get it. We are living in a pandemic and the last thing I would want would be going to another funeral because someone got COVID-19.

We’re all living in very tough times. Everyone has heard that so much, but it’s true. It does make me feel bad for all the people who have lost loved ones to the virus or just anything in general. It’s a tough thing to get your mind across and it is hard to accept. But keeping your head up and staying open-minded does help. It helps me at least.

So to recap, in my opinion funerals are not fun. But put a funeral in the middle of a global pandemic and you have something surprisingly worse than just a funeral.

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