Well, we’re officially back to another semester. It’s crazy to think that we’re back and already publishing again. We spent last semester trying to get the ball rolling with a brand new system and I feel like we accomplished some really great articles, designs and work overall.

This letter is just a way to reach back out to the campus community and reiterate some of the thoughts and concepts addressed last semester.

As I stated last semester, my job as the EIC this year is to oversee everything that happens in our newsroom. The editorial staff is one that I trust full heartedly. They continue to impress me everyday with their work ethic and the expectations that they have for our paper. We’ve spent the last few weeks working one-on-one with our entire staff. Many of our staffers are brand new to the concept of journalism, so we decided to spend time educating them before publishing. 

There are a few things that I want to reiterate. 

As we’ve stated before, we are a student newspaper. Our focus is to be the voice of the students, for the students and by the students. While we do plan to also cover faculty and their concerns, we are really pushing to get the students more involved with what we do. 

Second, this year is truly a rebuilding year for our program. We’ve made so many changes that it’s going to take a little bit of time for all of us to adjust. We are really working on becoming a trustworthy and unbiased news source for our viewers.

Third, although we will be trying our hardest to avoid mistakes, they will be made. This is still a class. We don’t plan to make excuses for our mistakes, but we ask that you be aware that they will happen. We ask that you be understanding that our staff is still very new and in the learning process. Again, we will try our hardest not to make mistakes. 

Fourth, we reserve the right to not publish opinion pieces sent to us that are not written by students and are not relevant. We thank you all for your understanding.

Fifth, we’ve recently put out a new website. On this website, organization is much more clear. There are also places where you all can submit letters to the editor. There is also a new feature with our website where you can find our online editions. We hope that with these new features, it’ll be much more user friendly and you all will enjoy seeing what we have to offer.

I still have all the faith in the world that our staff this year will do incredible work. The editorial staff is made up of really amazing journalists. They understand what is news and they know what the expectations are. They are just as excited as Dr. Carivou and myself are, which makes it even better. Although our staff of reporters are new, they also have put in some hard week as we’ve started this semester. I believe they will be putting out some great stories this year as well. I am so proud of everyone involved in the Griffon News and what they’ve accomplished so far.

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