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Frantic loved ones, check. Wrinkled gown, check. The smell of freshly cut grass, check. Waking up to multiple missed “congratulations” texts, … READ MORE

Note to self: Karma is real and karma will come after you when you share 46 memes about the coronavirus on social media. READ MORE

Universities are charging students hundreds of dollars for required textbooks, and students and faculty agree textbook prices are unreasonable. READ MORE

Me, Ben Smith, Jon Bogart and Derek Zimmerman-Guyer have lived inside room 2108 in Vaselakos Hall for a hot minute. Now we live in room 2015 w… READ MORE

Well, we’re officially back to another semester. It’s crazy to think that we’re back and already publishing again. We spent last semester tryi… READ MORE

By: Lenora Stearns I am a senior in the social work program at Missouri Western. I am also a student worker in the Information Technology and Telephone Services office, which is my only source of income. On Nov. 8, I was told that after winter break I will no longer have a job. I am […] READ MORE

Warning: This editorial contains spoilers.   Captain Marvel hit the theaters earlier this month and has received a lot of controversial reviews.   Amidst said reviews, it’s been a relief just to have another Marvel movie come out since the depressing state Avengers: Infinity War left us with. On top of that, we are all […] READ MORE

I have always been a huge fan of comedy. As a college student attending comedy shows are a necessity and a great alternative to crying. We crave to relieve stress all of the time and laughing is a great cure all. In the past, I’ve seen great comedians like, Amy Schumer. Who, recently released a […] READ MORE

By: Leo Grantham On March 29, a video was posted to the Griffon News’ social media accounts of a young woman, without her consent and without context, which went viral. I will not be recounting the details of this. Please read the St. Joseph News Press article on this, which is online. This video, its […] READ MORE

By: Jacob Christian   I do not know what it’s like to be a black student at Missouri Western. I am troubled when I see members of the black community regarded with undue suspicion by police officers or when I overhear subtle racist comments directed at them. Occurrences like these shed light on the fact that […] READ MORE

By: Dayton Bissett Older music is better than newer music. When I say older music, I mean ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s and even some ‘90s. Music that actually has instruments that the artists play with their hands and their mouths. Music that requires true vocal talent and not auto-tuned, altered voices. Music that just seems more […] READ MORE

By: Drew Aggus Earlier this month, Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, announced that he would be running for president in 2020. This has led many to wonder why there seems to be an infinite number of democrats who are putting their names on the ballot next year. According to the New York […] READ MORE

This year’s SGA election results are in showing a significant increase in voter turnout from the past couple years. Students have made their voices heard and have selected Engoma Fataki as the new SGA president and Nathan Scott as the executive vice president. A total of 548 students voted in this election which is in […] READ MORE

I have become aware in the past year that I have never watched any of the traditional action movies. My boyfriend, who happens to be an action movie enthusiast, was shocked to learn that I have never seen the Matrix, Terminator or Rambo. Since then, he has made it his prerogative to introduce the classics […] READ MORE

Wholesome and pure are the words that come to mind when thinking of the Missouri Western theater department’s showing of “Little Women,” resulting in the audience feeling all the feels once the final song ends.   This showing of the musical was meant to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the play, and it delivered on […] READ MORE

By: Robbie Kaufman Did I go to MWSU to earn a degree in Biology or was I tricked in to earning a B.S. of people studies? All every student wants is to earn a degree so that they can get a job in a related field – or just a better paying job in general. What […] READ MORE

It has come to our attention that there is an issue among our students that seems to be more and more prevalent with each year. With broken hearts, we have become aware of the depressed state that an increasing number of students are finding themselves in. This issue became unignorable with the recent passing of […] READ MORE

Young, college-aged women are being targeted for their eggs. There are industries which use geotargeting at universities to try to make women aware of the large amounts of money they are willing to pay them for their eggs, sometimes up to $75,000. But, what the women aren’t being made aware of is the harms it […] READ MORE

Netflix has announced that in 2019 they will produce a live-action Avatar reboot helmed by the original showrunners Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino. Over the course of 48 hours, I spent 28 of them rewatching the sixty episode series for a second time, and once again I am amazed by its brilliance. Avatar The Last […] READ MORE

By: Indigo Gaydusek First of all, I want to say why I love the art department: the faculty, instructors, and janitorial staff have been phenomenal. The professors are passionate about what they do and are intentional with assignments. They have made me a better artist by not just letting me go with my first idea, […] READ MORE

This semester alone Missouri Western State University has had three early closings; one late start and three full days canceled. It seems that with each Griffon Alert students rejoice and faculty cringe. Whether the extra time is used to catch up on homework or Netflix, students tend to respond to the snow days positively.  The […] READ MORE