For over 30 years the woman’s music fraternity of Alpha Sigma Iota has been about much more than just sharing the passion for music; they have made a name for themselves on campus.

Sydney Givens, member in training, said that the fraternity is built on women who share the gift and love for music.  The group’s main purpose is to spread the word to those who have an interest or passion for music.

“Its purpose is to foster interest in music and to promote social contact among people who share an interest in music,” Given said. “Our chapter’s name is Eta Epsilon, our province is Pi C and we are in region 3.”

Carol Criss, advisor for Alpha Sigma Iota, said that though the group has been on campus for over 30 years, the number of memberships has been going up and down periodically throughout its tenure.

“Large enrollment numbers, we determine, may help to build the fraternity,” Criss said. “We are in the rebuilding process right now.”

Criss said that to be a part of this group you don’t necessarily have to be a music major. The group is made up of all different kinds of women with different degrees but all have an interest in music.

“Our president, Claire Shinneman, is not a music major,” Criss said.“People who join are usually people who plan to stay music all their lives.”

Givens said that, in the beginning, she didn’t know if she wanted to join the fraternity, but once she met Shinneman and she became her bid, she became more interested. She said that she decided to join when she was reminded of her old vocal lesson teacher.

“I had vocal lessons with Hillary Myers, and she was my music teacher, and I remember that she said she has something to do with Alpha Sigma Iota,” Givens said. “So then I joined, and I like it, because you’re part of an organization, and it’s easier to find people who have similar interest that you do.”

Shinneman said that her involvement with the organization will benefit her and others involved in the long run.

“It will help them with jobs, more than anything,” Shinneman said. “If you’re in an interview for a position then hopefully you have met that person through an event you went to while being involved with Alpha Sigma Iota.”

The fraternity does more than just sit around and play music or sing. The fraternity stays involved and has events throughout the school year.

“We do fundraisers, and last year we had a huge success when we supported a project called Cinderella’s Closet,” Criss said. “It was nice for all of us to come together and everyone wears formals for a day. It was a huge success.”

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