Library hours

Starting on Friday, Nov. 20, the Hearnes Center Library is extending its hours over the weekend for online finals. The library will be keeping its regular hours throughout the week but will close at 6:00 p.m. on Friday and open again on Saturday at 7:30 a.m. and close at 5:30 p.m.

Sally Gibson, the library director at Missouri Western, shares that after speaking with students, the finals assigned this semester are majority online and knows students would greatly benefit from opening the library up again on Saturday.

The library has been closed on Saturdays this semester due to the lack of custodial duties available during the weekend. The library staff was concerned about the cleanliness as a result of that.

“I wanted to make sure the library was open when finals were going on,” Gibson said. "We also wanted to make sure that we made a really safe environment for everyone.”

Gibson shared the library's new efforts in keeping a clean workspace for students by providing a phone number to text when they leave the library so that a staff member can sanitize the area that was being used.

While the attendance at the library has decreased, Secretary of Senate and Chief of Staff of SGA Briana Reed shared how the library is an important resource for students on campus.

“For students who don’t have their own laptop, don’t have their own printer, the library is really necessary,” Reed said. “There was always something available for me and help when I needed it."

Reed says that before she had her own laptop and printer, she was utilizing the library frequently for resources like printing, group study rooms, and finding documents for class assignments. Reed said despite not needing the library this week she still recognizes how essential its resources and staff are to students.

The library also brought back the “relaxation station” as they have in past semesters. The station is a place for students to hang out and take a break from studying for finals.

The station will open Monday, Nov. 16. Students can find soft lighting and calming music in room 211 if they’re interested in paying the station a visit.

In previous years, the library was able to provide more resources during finals like group activities and snacks but due to repercussions of COVID-19, they were unable to hold events like past semesters.

The library staff encourages students to continue to physically distance themselves and wear a mask while in the library and want to thank them for following the regulations that have been set in place on campus.

Students can reserve group study rooms 24 hours in advance under the library tab on the Missouri Western website and use individual study rooms as they’re available.

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