SGA Meeting

On Friday, Sept. 18, the Student Government Association was hard at work meeting and discussing many important issues and topics pertaining to the university. From food drives to scholarships, the students of SGA have already had a busy semester.

The organization Griffs Give Back has been working on a food drive at the college, a hand cycle is trying to be put into Baker Fitness Center by the universities Americans with Disabilities Act committee and bad sidewalks are starting to get fixed on campus.

One big project the SGA has been focusing much of their time on this semester is working on the financial oversight revisions. The financial oversight is the association focusing on how money will be spent and for what purposes following state regulations and purchasing guidelines from the university. 

Nathan Scott, the SGA president, shared the current status of the revisions during his weekly president report. Scott shared in his report that if all goes as planned it should be done by the end of the week.

The weekly president report also finalized the compensation of certain Western Activities Council members through scholarships. The SGA funds 25% of the WAC budget. The scholarship offers $2,000 to the WAC president, $1,500 to the vice president, $1,000 to the chair of entertainment and $1,000 to the chair of marketing. Scott said that just a tiny portion of funds for activities was shaved off to create the scholarships.

“The leisure activities council fund for this year is around $66,000. So basically $60,000 now goes to advance activities and $6,000 goes to the scholarships, and the scholarships will stay at these rates,” Scott said.

The proposal for the idea originally came from Nah’ryan Reed-Crawford, She is working with WAC for her third year and is the current president and is a double major in accounting and supply management. Reed-Crawford said that she felt it necessary to ask for the scholarship because of all the dedicated hours it takes for the executive positions.

“In the past, with it being paid now, which is, I guess, a necessity with the work you're putting in it equaled it out. And on top of that my council executive board had been given homecoming to oversee so that also was another reason why I think having the scholarship right now is important with the work we're putting in,” Reed-Crawford said.

With all of SGA’s members focused on different projects it will be interesting to see the impact of their decisions and projects in the near future. The SGA holds senate meetings every Friday at 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. and streams their meetings on YouTube at Student Government Association.

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