Nominations for the Student Organization Achievement Recognition (SOAR) for 2020-2021 are due by March 19 2021 at 5 p.m. Students can nominate any student organization of their choice. To nominate someone for the award students can go to the Missouri Western website and follow the links on the SOAR page.

Dr. Hannah Piechowski is the associate vice president for student affairs and dean of students. She is currently one of the faculty members in charge of the SOAR process.

“I'm part of the organizing committee.” Dr. Piechowski said. “I'm here with Jean Foster, she's in career development, and so student affairs houses the whole thing.”

There are several awards being offered for student led organizations and individual leadership awards that are given to only one student depending on the type of award they are nominated for. Specifically there are the program awards that are based on programs that have been meaningful and contribute to the community and lastly group awards that are given to student organizations.

The winners of awards are chosen by a board of judges, who review all nominations to see who is the right person or organization to receive the award.

“So we've recruited over 20 faculty and staff members, and you've seen the list right there's a long list of awards there's individual awards there's group awards, all that kind of stuff for programs.” Dr. Piechowski explained. “So we've taken those 20 staff members and we've made sure there's at least three to each award, and they're going to review all the nominations and they're going to make a decision about who's deserving of it. So the committee that's putting it together and organizing the event and the publicity staff at the faculty are picking the winners.”

Larmon Witt who is a student here at Missouri western, offered his opinion on what organization he would consider nominating for SOAR.

“AKA [Alpha Kappa Alpha] because I feel like they try to do a lot which is my biggest thing. I feel like whoever is on campus is trying to build memories, because our biggest thing now is parties and stuff used to go crazy and now nobody's to have fun.” Witt said. “Now it's like it's cold and stuff everything just dropped. So now it's like a lot of fraternities and sororities are starting to pick the stuff back up. Everybody just wants to build up memories and there coming back in that motion.”

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