On Sept. 25 the Student Government Association held another senate meeting that ranged from talk on changes to Baker, voter turnout, 360 evaluations and much more.

The meeting began with Eli Trimmer reporting an update on acquiring equipment for the Baker Fitness Center. Trimmer currently has a meeting planned with Josh Looney in hopes of asking for the university's assistance in getting equipment. Joining with Trimmer at the meeting will be Emily Ludwig, the head of the Baker Fitness Center. He also hopes to advocate for updates he believes are needed from student feedback including problems with locker accessibility and the showers.

Assistant Director of External Relations Konnor Buzeck shared that the group plans to shift its focus from normal outreach events to voter outreach events with the upcoming election. Buzeck said that this shift is due to the campus being a part of the All in Democracy Challenge that grades the university on its percentage of voter turnout. 

“It’ll basically involve outside entities like maybe the St.Joseph city government or certain state senators or representatives,” Buzeck told the senate. “If we can get into contact with them, we can have them come talk to the students about how important it is to vote and get them registered, and hope to get as many people as possible.”

The weekly president report from Nathan Scott told of new and updated topics. The executive board has started a 360 evaluation, where they will evaluate the strength and weaknesses of the team as a whole and each person in SGA to help improve and accomplish all the goals the association has set out for. 

Scott then reported that the FOC reform staff had some slight hiccups in its processes this week giving it a slight delay but that it will be completed soon. Scott added that although the reforms are almost complete there will be a phase two with additional reforms in the future at a currently undecided date. 

One of the final pieces of business included the investment approved by the SGA to Griffon Media. The investment authorizes $20,000 to Griffon Media, with all spending of the money being overseen and approved by the SGA executive board. Any funds not spent at the end of the fiscal year of 2021 will be returned to the SGA. Nathan Scott told in a presentation at the meeting that this would be but a small percentage taken out of the SGA carry forward account.

“The investment would only be about 4% of those funds, I know $20,000 seems like a lot of money but it's a small fraction of the actual funds we have for these kinds of endeavors,” Scott said.

Some additional items mentioned at the meeting included Brett Shanks’ potential idea of a movie night that could be held on the football field. Director of Finances Sean Peters approved $39 to allow student Valerie Gonzalez to attend a virtual conference where she will present.

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