Senate Meeting

Oct. 16, 2020, the students of the Student Government Association sat down for their weekly senator meeting. The majority of the senate didn’t have much news for the week, but more was shared on the state of FOC revisions, as well as changes to senate policy, and new clubs formed.

Director of Public Relations and Marketing Connor Peters told the senate of his efforts with Missouri Western Purchasing in buying 750 rally towels for a watch party that will be held later in the month. In addition, Peters has drafted and posted a press release for the Senate Bill Fiscal year FOC revisions in hopes of making the revisions known to the students on campus. He also is looking into vendors to get retractable and reusable banners for marketing purposes. Peters went on to report that the SGA has seen an increase in its online presence with no costs involved.

“We’ve had some enlightening stats on our social media in particular Facebook, so we've been continually posting on our social media this month,” Peters said. “That continual posting on Facebook has led to a 16% increase in people reached and then 48% increase in post engagements and the important thing to keep in mind is that growth is completely organic."

President Nathan Scott moved on to his president's report starting with a speech and reminder to members of the senate to be as involved and there for the community as they could be. 

“It's amazing to have the leadership position we have within student government and I think that's something we all can take for granted a little bit,” Scott said. “We need to make sure that we're making the most out of positions we are a part of, and that means getting involved in our committees. They provide us with some amazing opportunities to make some positive change in our community.” 

President Scott moved on to covering work that the senate had completed throughout the week. One big change to the senate meeting room included adding microphones throughout the space in hopes of having better sound quality for the meetings posted to Youtube. The meetings can be found by searching Missouri Western Student Government Association on Youtube's home page.

The senate is also working on making changes based on the 360 evaluations that were conducted on its members that looked at how they can improve in doing their tasks. Among the changes is that the executive members must spend 75% of their office hours actually in their office. 

“You should be seeing directors more during office hours when before we allowed for remote work,” Scott said. “ We're allowing less that way we can have more collaborative team energy and to be more accessible with students.”

The meeting wrapped up with a vote on a few different bills among them being a Valorant club that is considered part of the esports program, and a dungeons and dragons club, both being open for any students to join.

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