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Monday February 22, the Student Government Association met for this weeks senate meeting covering multiple topics including meeting time changes

Brett Shanks opened the meeting discussing plans to spread the word on when and where students can receive the vaccination as well the upcoming election and giveaways.

A guest speaker was brought to the senate meeting, Angela Voga, who highlighted what Missouri has done in response to the covid vaccine being released with the Missouri Vaccine Navigator website that will let you sign up and receive a notification when you can get the vaccine.

“Right now they are really starting with the elderly population and people with pre existing medical conditions such as an individual with a history of cancer, or diabetes, maybe some kidney problems among other things.They can actually start to get the immunizations right now but for the healthy individuals they can go on the vaccine tracker where it will email you when the vaccine is available for your specific group. Let's try to get this information out to students with that message of let's all try to do our part and we can succeed.”

The meeting continued with Director of Public Relations and Marketing, Connor Peters, sharing his thoughts on spreading word of the vaccine with the marking and health and safety committee teaming up as well as spreading flyers around campus. Student Governor Hannah Berry shared that Thursday the Board of Governors will be holding a finance meeting via Zoom and Youtube at noon.

Josiah Schmedding, chief justice, is preparing for the SGA election cycle presenting three different pieces of legislation to the senate awaiting a vote including the election commission appointment and calendar decisions. Connor Peters took the floor once again to share his current work posting newsletters regarding the bylaws to move last week's meeting and his time spent researching for a giveaway on campus.

“Over the last several weeks my committee and I have done a lot of research into giveaways for the campus considering a partnership with Aramark for a covid safe spring themed food giveaway in Blum,” Peters said. “We've also been thinking about sunglasses or something fun to get students into the spring spirit.”

Nathan Scott shared his president report thanking Jashira Bolden, Director of Student Involvement, for her hard work in setting up recent events on campus.

Moving on from director and president reports the senate discussed current bills. Among the bills was the confirmation of appointing student Hannah Berry as a member of the election commission for spring 2021 elections. The bill passed after Schmeddings speech explaining that a third member must be added to the commission following the new amendments to SGA bylaws and that Berry is very qualified.

“Hannah Berry is uniquely qualified for the position due to having previously run elections before,” Schmedding explained. “As much as I think myself pretty capable and certainly Dr.Piechowski, neither of us have the experience right now it's really good to have someone who's done this before, can guide our hand, and walk us through the process.”

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