SGA Bill

With the start of the new semester well underway, the Student Government Association is picking up right where it left off with a list of plans for current and future projects.

The meeting began with an update from Eli Trimmer, the head of capital projects. Trimmer called attention to the number of ideas brought to the Capital Projects Committee.

"We are really excited to start weighing out some options of what we have there to see what we can accomplish on campus," Trimmer said.

Brett Shanks, head of the Health and Safety Committee, is continuing to look at the number of defibrillators and first-aid-kits on campus and whether or not additional resources are necessary.

Student Governor, Hannah Berry, discussed information regarding the recent Board of Governors retreat as well as the addition of two brand new board members.

“We went over rules and policies and how to be effective board members and I feel that it went really well,” Berry said. “We have two new board members who joined us recently so it was great to go over everything we need to be focusing on.” 

Director of Public Relations and Marketing, Connor Peters, stated that the SGA’s social media were already off to a receptive start receiving “291 views on Instagram, 295 views on Facebook and 2,500 impressions on Twitter” as well as giving updates to the SGA website on the recent FOC changes.

Ariana Reed, the executive vice president of SGA, stated that she is looking into possible solutions regarding campus recycling.

President of SGA, Nathan Scott, cited a desire for student outreach to take priority this semester.

"I really want to focus on figuring out how we can engage students," Scott said. “The reality of the situation is covid has really hurt student engagement on campus...we have to make sure we can provide an engaging environment for students where they feel [that] this is an exciting place to call home."

The SGA reviewed several bills, including an amendment to article seven of the SGA that would ensure active participation from Missouri Western Students regarding campus elections. According to the SGA, the revision would put measurements in place to ensure legitimate elections throughout the student body while not punishing participants wanting to use their voice. The vote will take place in the coming weeks once the senators review each change made to the original article. 

In addition to the proposed amendment, the Senate unanimously approved a bill to reinstate the Winter Color Guard for the next semester, as well as a resolution to thank Missouri Western’s residential assistants.

The meeting concluded with announcements regarding awareness for Black History Month and the acquisition of polos for the SGA and Board of Governors. SGA meetings currently take place on Mondays at 5:00 pm and can be viewed afterward on the Student Government Association YouTube channel.

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