The April 5, Student Government Association meeting opened with the committee report of Brett Shanks. Shanks is the head of the Health and Safety Committee and has had ongoing work throughout the pandemic to keep students safe and encourage vaccinations now that they are available.

“We have a tabling coming up this Wednesday, April 7 for the COVID Vaccine Navigator,” Shanks said. “From 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. is the time that's been slotted and we'll be kind of getting people to try to sign up for the vaccine and passing out the new masks we got in.”

Moving on to senator and Student Governor Hannah Berry she had been meeting with the Academic and Student Affairs Committee to discuss how to progress the new committee and is open to any ideas regarding student engagement. In addition she met with the Policy Board Committee to examine the university's current policies.

Chief Justice Josiah Schmedding began with congratulations on all of the new and old members following last week's election as well as discussing how to get more students involved in socially distanced elections.

“It was a pretty smooth election cycle all things considered since we passed amendments at the last moment,” Schmedding said. “But I would definitely like to see more students involved in it. We had less voters and less candidates in general.”

Director of Public Relations and Marketing Connor Peters shared an update on his work with promoting the Griffon Edge Mentor application as well as his upcoming inventory on all of the Student Government Associations marketing materials. In addition Peters has been placing boxes around the campus to collect food for the campus cupboard and encourages everyone and their friends to make donations. Finally, Peters is working on promotional material to encourage student use of the new esports arena. Griffs Give Back Director Armstrong reminded students the food drive will continue to the end of the next week.

In Nathan Scott's president report, he shared that with elections over that they will be looking towards the hiring process for new directors and encouraged anyone interested to fill out an application on the Student Government Associations website. In addition President Scott is currently working on government reforms to be proposed in the upcoming election.

Ending on a note from Connor Peters reminding students and governors to keep an eye on the Student Government’s social media for information on food drives and upcoming events the meeting was adjourned.

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