Potter Hall

Potter hall reopened Monday, Nov. 16. The space was closed due to the air handler units failing and creating a bad air circulation that had the potential to increase the spread of COVID-19. All classes held in the building were switched to online and given other resources to complete their work. The new air handlers have been installed with classes returning back to normal this week.

Breanna McDaniels is a second-year student at Missouri Western and is majoring in art education. McDaniel's explained how due to COVID-19, many of her classes were switched to online or allowed fewer students before Potter's closure.

“It's honestly been pretty smooth, because of the schedule change as well. It just kind of came together in a way, and everybody knows to stay six feet apart so the transition from in-class to online was pretty small,” said McDaniels. “We already have most of the materials we were working on because we were like taking it home or to our dorms. So it's honestly the professors were just like telling us to keep working on our projects and bring it back when we open.”

According to McDaniels many of the music department students were coming down with covid which was what brought attention to the issue. McDaniel's understood the issue but was disappointed by the closing of potter.

“It's kind of bad for me because I just got out of quarantine." McDaniels said. “It was like I had all of my stuff in my room I was getting everything done and was about to turn everything in and then Potter closed out of nowhere and I was like, oh no.”

Students who normally worked in Potter Hall were given alternative computer locations to finish their work. Available alternatives to the students included the Hernes Library main floor, Blum 2nd floor and Eder 220’s teaching lab with a few other options depending on the day and time. The new air units that were installed are supposed to enhance the airflow which should provide a healthier working environment. Students are still mandated to practice social distancing practice when attending all in-person classes.

Practices such as wearing masks, washing hands and avoiding large crowds are largely recommended to ensure everyone's safety here at Missouri Western. With the semester rapidly coming to a close it’s more important than ever to be safe, so students can get the best education and tools they need before finals and have a safe and healthy winter break.

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