Voting matters

As election time nears, Missouri Western prepares students for voting.

The political science department especially is preparing students accordingly for the election.

Chair and Associate Professor of Political Science Dr. Edwin Taylor is helping students understand the election and the importance of voting.

“What I do personally, and what my colleagues do is we try very hard to make sure students have access to information,” Taylor said. “We don’t tell them what they need to vote on, but we let them know where they can go to get information, whether it’s about how to get registered to vote, or how to get a ballot if you want to vote by mail, as well as directing them to information about candidates or amendments or things like that if they need. So we try to get students as much information as possible and help them try to stay focused on the things that matter.”

Taylor goes on to mention that the political science department had debate watch events over Zoom, which allowed students to have conversations about the debates. 

Presidential and vice presidential debates happened previously this month, and the outcomes caused concern among some on campus.

Instructor of sociology, D.J. Champagne was disappointed in the presidential debates.

“It was disgusting, the presidential debate involved a lot of ego and disrespect, so I was very disappointed,” Champagne said. “The vice presidential debates involved much better behavior, and because of that, much more policies and information were made clear.” 

Champagne has also been preparing students for the election, and getting them ready for voting time.

“We’re defining the two party system, Republican and Democrat, and trying to decide what liberal and conservative labels might mean to us,” Champagne said. 

“We’re discussing inequality, gender inequality, age inequality, you name it. As well as also talking about the concept of power and who has control. If we’re dissatisfied then we can’t just sit there, we need to get out there, march and vote.”

Champagne said it is important that everyone votes.

“If we don’t vote, we have no opportunity to make change,” Champagne said.

“It’s especially important for students to vote because students are our most important natural resource in this country. Gen Z and millennials are who’s going to be taking care of my needs, wants and desires down the road. It is very important that they participate," Champagne said.

Dr. Edwin Taylor said it is also important to remember that other races, outside the presidential election matter as well.

“Local races are very important to us,” Taylor said. “State representative, state senator or state governor matters a lot. Democracy requires citizens to be engaged in some of the practical ideas that if you’re not a voter, why would politicians ever pay attention to you?”

It is time for Missouri Western students, staff and everyone over the age of 18 in general to get ready and vote because Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020.

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