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This year, 12 Missouri Western social work students were inducted into the highest academic honor a student can receive in social work, the Phi Alpha National Honor Society.

Phi Alpha National Honor Society states their goal is to bring students practicing social work together, and to bring attention to humanitarian goals and ideas. 

Each student inducted into the Phi Alpha National Honor Society have shown exponential growth and hard work in the social work field.

Student Clary Tennyson is one of the students inducted. Tennyson is very passionate about social work.

“Social work provides the ability to help a larger population while being an advocate for those that don’t necessarily have a voice,” Tennyson said. “Social work provides various opportunities to promote positive change at different levels and I think that’s amazing.”

Tennyson went on to say, “Getting inducted into Phi Alpha felt encouraging because there’s unity of a larger group with the same goal on a national level.”

After graduation, Tennyson plans on getting her master's and work specifically with individuals dealing with drug and alcohol use, hopefully in a rehabilitation setting.

Another student inducted was Beth Crumpler, who is going into social work to help.

“I want to help people that have stumbled and need a hand up,” Crumpler said. “I have been fortunate in that every time I struggled, I have had family and friends to help me.  Not everyone has that and I think it is important to have a support system that helps through the rough times.”

When Crumpler was inducted into the Phi Alpha National Honor Society, she said she was honored and excited.

“As a non-traditional student that waited until much later in life to start college (at 47 years old), I have worked hard to do the best that I can while working full time,” Crumpler said.   “Being honored in this way made it all worth it and is giving me the push I needed to hit my graduation goal.  The guidance I received from Derek Evans and Pam Clary has helped me through some rough spots during all of this and the additional support of Grey, Jana, and Pam has made all of the difference in the world in the last six years. It has been a long road.”

After graduation, Crumpler plans on working with people who struggle with the disease of substance use disorders.

Carnisha Scott is another social worker inducted into the Phi Alpha Honor Society.

“It felt great to be inducted to Phi Alpha Honor Society,” Scott said. “It was proof that all my hard work is paying off. It was an honor to be surrounded by wonderful people in the social work program.”

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