Mike Parsons

Missouri Western’s nursing program finished its renovations last semester and in August 2020 formally titled the facility “Mosaic Life Care Auxiliary Community Lab”.

The Community Lab has helped aid nursing students as well as students completing their GED and earning their nursing assistant certification through the Certified Nursing Assistant program in May. The facility began its use for hospital COVID-19 training in April. This semester there are 60 students enrolled in the Missouri Western Nursing program who are actively participating in using the new lab. 

On Oct. 6, the Missouri Governor, Mike Parson came to tour the university and to give a speech for the grand opening of the lab. Governor Parson gave the speech to a small crowd in front of the Community Lab, and then met with the press for questions and pictures. Due to the limited seating and COVID-19 precautions; only select people were allowed to attend the event.

The press conference began with President Kennedy discussing how hard the college worked to secure the funding that has made room for an additional 20 nursing students to enter the program as well as rennovations tothe new facility. Following Kennedy the commissioner of higher education, Zora Mulligan, went on to speak about why herself and Governor Parson chose Missouri Western as the grants recipient.

“This was a competitive grant program so not everyone who wanted funds got it. One of the things that was very important to Governor Parson is that the projects we picked had a strong connection between local employers,” Mulligan said. “Where they're not only contributing knowledge to the development of the curriculum, but are also providing resources. For that reason Missouri westerns application rose to the top very quickly”

Governor Parsons gave one last speech and answered news outlets questions on topics ranging from the college, to masks, and on President Trump. Parsons said that he felt there is a large importance in training more nurses right now.

“If there was ever a time to have an institution like this, a training center like this, it is now. When you look at our health care workers across the state of Missouri we've got to have time to go cycle those health care workers who have been on the front line now for eight months, with no relief,” Parson said.  We've got to be able to get trained people out there, we have to get nurses out there, we have to get people out there to combat them and support them.”

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